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Moment of Goodness

It’s Complicated: Fiona is Spiraling, Shameless “I’ll Light a Candle For You Every Day” 

Taylor Kinney

I love Fiona but I never thought I’d see her stoop to this level. Her sex dream featuring Craig was amazing, just let me start there. Well, it was weird that she said she loved him but the sex was hot. And it’s with that wet dream that the real trouble starts. All that flirting and sexting was only going to end one way and Fiona should’ve realized that and put a stop to it. But with Steve gone and no one on the horizon who she sees as a real possibility, Fiona is making all kinds of bad decisions. So she’s been channeling some serious energy into her high school crush. He’s married now with kids and a good job and Fiona thinks of him as the one who got away. Maybe part of her wants to live out this fantasy to see what she was missing. Maybe part of her just wants to have what she thinks is going to be meaningful sex. Whatever the reason, Fiona soon discovers the fantasy was infinitely better than the reality.

Did you laugh as much as I did during that horribly awkward sex scene? I mean, it was bad on every level. Fiona was getting no pleasure or enjoyment out of it, Craig was making very strange sounds, and not only did she get food on her – and not in a sexy way – but she kind of tuned out at the end just hoping for it to end, which it did and quickly. Talk about a letdown. I love that Shameless went there. Take an amazing specimen like Taylor Kinney and make him horribly inadequate in bed? Amazing. And it’s not like Fiona was really in her right mind. Or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. She knows better than to get involved with a married man. Fiona does a lot of shady things, but not that. Part of me kind of wants to blame it on Jasmine’s influence. I mean, I shouldn’t because she wasn’t even in this episode but I want to.

Photo Credit: Showtime

And what about that call to Steve at the end of the episode? I just want him to find a reason to come back to Chicago so those two can be together. He’s crafty; he can find a way to avoid Tony for a while. And in the meantime, maybe he or someone in the Gallagher family can come up with some sort of scheme to keep the cops and Tony off Steve’s back. Isn’t that what they do best? Look out for themselves and each other? Either way, I’d like to see Fiona make a real effort to move on (not really) or make her play for Steve. What she’s doing to herself right now just isn’t healthy.

Shameless airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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