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We Need to Know: Is Billy from Jane By Design the Greatest TV Best Friend Ever? 


Jane By Design‘s Jane Quimby is the luckiest girl ever. This high school student snagged herself a high profile fashion job as an assistant for a major accessories designer. She’s super smart. While she doesn’t have what you’d consider a lot of friends, she probably has one of the greatest. Yes, Billy just may be the best TV best friend ever. He’s there for her through thick and thin. Since we were introduced to this daring duo, he’s been her chauffeur, her sounding board, her everything. He and his hair are just adorable. In “The Birkin” he goes beyond the call of duty to help Jane out:

  • He helps her take on almost every single task on Gray’s nasty long list of trunk show chores. He’s willing to accompany Jane while she breaks up with Gray’s model boyfriend, Brad, but she let him off the hook.
  • He helps her break up the out-of-control party India engineered at Gray’s house during the trunk show
  • He helps her study for her pre-calc test
  • He even tries to get Jane to see how Lulu has some of her own pressures and problems to deal with even though Lulu is constantly the mean girl to Jane.

Week after week, Billy does it all without breaking a sweat. And he does it while having to deal with some “relationship” drama of his own. Drama that he keeps a secret from Jane. If you’re thinking it’s a one-way friendship here, think again. Even with Ms. Quimby’s oh so busy work and school life, she does find time to ask Billy what’s going on with him. She knows something is wrong there; she just doesn’t know specifics. When Billy and Lulu make up at the end of the episode and decide to go public, his first thought is he has to tell Jane. Is she going to be upset because he kept his relationship with her rival a secret? Only time will tell.


Jane’s resourceful and smart and she’s discovering so much about herself. But she also knows in one blink of an eye she can get in over her head. It’s a good thing she has Billy by her side because he’s sweet, supportive, extremely cute and pretty much worships the ground she walks on. It’s a wonder these two have never gotten together. Maybe in the future? Right now it’s kind of nice to see these two remain friends. The best of friends.

Jane By Design airs Tuesdays on ABC Family at 9/8c.

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