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Mid-Season TV Crush: The Boys of Justified 

After an eight-month hiatus, Justified is back on FX tonight to kick off its third season and there is no shortage of swagger and swoon and general badassery. So much so that we decided all of the Justified boys were deserving of a little crushworthy attention. Without further ado, these are the men that make Justified appointment TV.

Photo Credit: FX

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens

The hat, the drawl, the abs, his way with a gun. What else do you need? Olyphant has been around forever, quietly building a huge repertoire of memorable characters, even when the project itself might not merit it. He’s never lazy. He’s the reason I keep The Crazies on my DVR. Raylan Givens is the role that finally showed everybody else what his fan base already knew–he’s chock full of awesome. As Raylan Givens, he’s soft spoken and menacing at the same time and the mere suggestion of what he might do is sometimes all he needs to get his point across. We’re so glad he’s front and center on Justified.  If you missed his recent interview in The New York Times, it’s a great read.

Photo Credit: FX

Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder

Every hero needs a villain, even if he’s hilarious and unhinged. There’s no question that Boyd Crowder is off his rocker, but Goggins makes us care about the why, and his attempts to self-rehabilitate, even when he fails miserably. Goggins is the perfect balance to Olyphant and you can completely believe that their characters were friends as children who now still can’t quite break up with each other. The currently running teaser of the two of them side by side barreling down an alley with guns drawn promises way too much fun in season three.

Photo Credit: FX

Nick Searcy as Art Mullen

We all need somebody in our lives to call bullsh-t and Art is that guy for Raylan. Searcy made his name as the villain in films from Fried Green Tomatoes to Runaway Jury so it’s a treat to see him play the law here. He shades the role with a hint of what Raylan means to Art personally. That was evident last season when Art was just plain hurt that Raylan had deceived him about taking the evidence money. Pissed off, yes. But more than that, deeply disappointed that Raylan betrayed him and couldn’t confide in him that he needed help.

Photo Credit: FX

Jacob Pitts as Tim Gutterson

I still say we have a big honking TBD about Tim’s sexual orientation and that’s just one of the mysteries I love about this character. It’s also way hot that he can put anybody in the ground at 100 yards. I like that even though Pitts doesn’t have loads of dialogue, it’s all over his face and the way he carries himself that Tim is still obviously tweaked about being saddled with Raylan and really unhappy that he’s not 100% in the loop all the time. Regardless, he always comes through and gets the job done. I think he got shafted in season two because the guest arcs were so big, so I hope we get more of Tim in season three. I want to know more about him.

The Guest Stars

Justified has no shortage of guest actors but the two we’re most looking forward to this season (so far) are Desmond Harrington and Jim Beaver.

Photo Credit: FX

Desmond Harrington

I really hope we get him in a scene or two with Olyphant because I want to see them outstare and outsmirk each other. Like Olyphant, Harrington has been around a while, and he works a lot these days–most recently on Gossip Girl and Dexter–so I’m glad he got loaned out for Justified. All I know going into the premiere is that he’s a bad, bad guy. Can’t wait!

Photo Credit: FX

Jim Beaver

Nobody wanted Bobby written out of Supernatural but the silver lining may well be that it freed up Beaver to resume his role as Shelby on Justified, beginning with episode 7. We’re so happy he’ll be back to play with Goggins, and hopefully, Olyphant.

Justified airs at 10/9c pm tonight on FX. You can chat live with the cast before the episode at 9:30/8:30c pm at FX’s website.

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