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Nikita “Sanctuary” 

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

I’m so happy this highly dysfunctional family is back together again. And there are plenty of issues, but at least they’re a united front. It’s nice to see Birkhoff back in action although he’s abusing his body by eating badly and drinking crap. Alex and Nikita have an emotional (and some might say long overdue) reunion. And Michael has returned.

Owen lost the guardians somewhere around Brussels but the gang assumes they’ll make a play to break Percy out of his prison. Meanwhile Oversight is in a slight panic over how to contain the escalating problems of Alex, Nikita, Amanda, and Division. Sean knows where Alex is and thinks a solo mission to take Nikita out will keep his mother safe. Oversight is looking for a much more permanent and much larger-scale solution.

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Sean tells his mom he’s got a lead on Nikita that has nothing to do with the tracker he put on Alex, which we know is a lie. He leans on his Navy Seal training to approach the house by water and has Nikita in his sniper sights before Alex interrupts his shot. After he’s subdued and tied up (sans most of his wetsuit thank you very much), Nikita figures out he’s there without backup and Alex finds out his mother is a member of Oversight. Even though Alex is upset she does defend him when they’re talking about how to deal with their Sean problem. Nikita thinks it’s time he heard their side of the story.

Oversight declares Division a domestic threat and decides to proceed with Clean Sweep. At the beach house, Nikita reminds Sean that unlike him she’s never killed a member of Oversight. She and Michael talk to him about what Oversight is really capable of – killing both him and his mother without hesitation if they become a problem. It is a nice moment to see Sean realize what they’re saying is true and it’s not like it’s some big reveal. He knows how both Division and Oversight work, his judgement was just clouded because his mother’s involved.

Birkhoff finds Amanda’s bug in Sean’s phone and although it’s no immediate threat to them Sean tells them Amanda would know Oversight is unhappy with her. What she doesn’t know is that Oversight is about to initiate Clean Sweep, a complete liquidation of the Division facility including all the personnel. Sean thinks it’s what they want, but Nikita tells him it’s never been her mission to kill Division agents. They’re at Division against their will, just like she was. In order to prevent the mass killings, Nikita is going to threaten to upload the contents of a black box (which they don’t have but Oversight doesn’t know that), if Clean Sweep protocol is initiated. And the best part? Sean’s willing to go along with their plan.

Roan, Percy’s inside man this whole time, arms a bomb on the blast doors to the silo where Percy’s been held. And it turns out Amanda isn’t the lapdog Percy accused her of being. We don’t know who she makes a phone call to, but she informs them of the change in the plan. After some excellent misdirection, we realize the guardians are actually going after Oversight. Amanda is about to proceed with her plan to put Percy into a medically induced coma, when she gets the call. The guardians order her to release Percy or they’ll eliminate all the members of Oversight. Amanda likes the sound of that but if she doesn’t comply, they’ll activate Clean Sweep. If they try to evacuate, they’ll trigger the button. Percy wasn’t kidding around when he said Division was his or no one’s. Nikita and company hear everything.

The Unexpected:

  • I’ve seen Le Femme Nikita and I loved the relationship between Operations and Alberta Watson‘s Madeline. So maybe I should’ve expected something between Percy and Amanda, but I didn’t. And to hear Percy tell it, that “relationship” was completely one-sided because Amanda’s incapable of love. Ouch. All that talk just makes me want to see Amanda hit him where it really hurts.
  • I am shipping Alex and Sean something fierce but I didn’t expect him to come over to their side so quickly. He’s been so determined to kill Nikita – and for what he thinks is a good reason. I feel like he should’ve needed a little more convincing, although I was definitely won over by Michael and Nikita’s argument. But I’m glad he’s on their side so I’m not complaining too loudly.

Some great lines:

“You know Division doesn’t even need to kill you. You’re doing just fine on your own.”

“You can stay here. This is a safe place.”

“Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of fools.” “You’re a little tall to be quoting Napoleon.”

“Hate to interrupt you ladies reliving your spy jinx but I could use a little help on our current mission.”

“All you ever loved was my power.”

“You sure you wanna turn on that thing?” “Relax. This place has more jamming than a Santana concert.”

Nikita airs Fridays at 8/7c.

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