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Moment of Goodness

It’s Complicated: Charlotte is Emily’s Half-Sister on Revenge “Infamy” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Warning: Spoilers from the episode discussed

Wow. I really didn’t see that coming and I love that it may (and it certainly should) have a ripple effect. When Emily puts her plan in motion to take Mason Treadwell (the author of an expose on her father) down, I never realized we’d learn something even Emily didn’t know. But I guess that’s to be expected in this intricate game of revenge. Emily can’t know everything – which I like – so there will actually be things that we learn when she does. Will this new information change her plans? Will she let it? Stop reading now if you haven’t watched “Infamy.”

Photo Credit: ABC

Charlotte is Emily’s half sister? Brilliant and unexpected. I didn’t realize David Clarke and Victoria Grayson had been having an affair that long. I like that there is so much about that time that we still don’t know and it’s interesting learning it in bits and pieces. But let’s back up.

I haven’t seen much of Roger Bart lately (he’s guested on some TV shows I don’t watch but I’m happy he’s been working steadily), so it was a pleasure when I saw him on the screen tonight. The brief twinge of pity I felt for him knowing Emily was about to destroy him was temporary. After all, if he’s in Emily’s sights he’s guilty of helping the Graysons destory her father and her life. It seems that no one was too principled, no one was moral enough to stand up against the Graysons and I do find that very interesting. The fact that Treadwell had nothing to lose when he started writing about David Clarke would make you think he’s impervious to bribery. But because he had nothing, it was easy for the Grayons to offer him two things he so desperately thought he needed – fame and wealth. So even though he thought David Clarke was innocent, Treadwell wrote the book the Graysons wanted him to and became a member of Victoria and Conrad’s inner circle.

I love how Emily set the whole plan in motion. Using Amanda was so clever and now she’s got a way to get Amanda out of her life permanently. It’s about time; I’m ready for Amanda to go. I don’t like her with Jack and she’s nothing but trouble for Emily because she can be so unpredictable. Of course Treadwell’s cottage was once occupied by Hemingway and his study is “where the magic happens.” Of course he’s affected enough to only create his masterpieces on a 1920’s Underwood 5 typewriter – once owned by Cheever. Of course he’s vain and arrogant enough to only have one copy of his memoir masterpiece. Gag. I love that Emily chooses to burn it all down but not before getting copies of all the recordings Treadwell made when he researched his book on her father. And not before leaving Amanda’s lighter behind. It’s when Emily’s watching one of these recordings that she discovers who Charlotte is to her. I was shocked, but pleasantly so. I love it when a great show can surprise me.

What did you think of the reveal? Do you think Emily will modify her plan for revenge now that she knows she has a half sister?

Revenge airs Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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