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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Jane’s Pretty in Pink, Jane By Design “The Runway” 

Photo Credit: ABC Family

There was some serious homage-ing going on in “The Runway,” and I loved every moment of it. Let’s start with the Pretty in Pink moment. When Jane emerged from her (somewhat impressive) closet in that pink number I had an inkling that we might be headed in a pretty in pink direction. I love that the writers/producers of this show are such Molly Ringwald / John Hughes fans. As a wannabe designer, it was nice to see Jane’s skills in action in this episode. I loved that pink confection of a dress. It was cool to see her transform it into something more modern and stylish. I think she might have a future in this business. 

Photo Credit: ABC Family

And can we just talk about the cuteness of her and Nick and her and Billy? Let’s start with Nick. I like that he’s interested and he’s enlisting Billy for advice. I like that Nick seems to care what Billy thinks about him. But most of all, I like that Nick likes Jane. They were so cute together at the dance and his whole rich guy persona fits into the pretty in pink theme nicely. And Billy is playing his Duckie role quite well too. He broke up with Lulu – we’ll see how long that lasts – and was there to help Jane with her quick changes in the bathroom. That moment in the bathroom when Jane says, “Do it.” Wow. I loved it (and also their moment on the floor together in her living room). And Billy seemed thrown. But the best part of the night is the Sixteen Candles (p.s. there’s a pink dress in that movie too) moment at the end. When the last limo leaves the dance and reveals that Billy’s leaning against his car waiting for her? So great. I really love this show.

Jane by Design airs Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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