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Mid-Season TV Crush: The Firm’s Josh Lucas 

If you ever wondered what happened to Mitchell McDeere after the end of the big screen version of The Firm, you’re about to find out since his story’s about to continue on TV. Set ten years later, Mitch and his family are out of the Witness Protection program and ready to start their lives again in Washington DC. Mitch starts his own law firm and is tempted to sell out to a mysterious larger firm to solve his money issues. But there’s something about Kinross & Clark that doesn’t sit right with him. Will he find out what secrets Kinross & Clark are keeping? Will be be able to keep his family safe? What is it about Mitch that attracts all this trouble?

Photo Credit: NBC

Actor: Josh Lucas of J Edgar and The Lincoln Lawyer
The Firm Character: Mitchell McDeere, Harvard law grad; husband and father.
The Firm Assessment: After taking the Memphis-based law firm Bendini, Lambert & Locke down because of their mob connections, Mitchell and his family had to go into witness protection. When the Chicago mob boss dies in prison, Mitchell and his family feel like they have a new lease on life. But after years of looking over his shoulder and worrying about this safety, can Mitchell really lead a normal life?
The Crush Factor: We’ve been waiting so long for Josh Lucas to come to the small screen. We’ve seen him in a number of movies, but we’ve always wanted a more intimate relationship with him and where can you get that if not on your television? The most exciting part of this show? That Josh Lucas is in it. Don’t get us wrong, we like Callum Keith Rennie, Molly Parker, and Juliette Lewis but for us Josh Lucas is the main attraction. We think the first time we really noticed him was in Sweet Home Alabama and we fell hard for his sweet southern gentleman. So charming. So handsome. So yummy. But let’s break it down here because Lucas is highly crushable. His eyes are dreamy; he has this smile that makes us melt; and don’t even get us started on those deliciously sinful dimples. Plus, he looks damn good in suits. Oh and just to show that we’re not completely shallow, we think this guy can act. We look forward to seeing what he can do with this role.

The Firm premieres tonight at 8/7c on NBC.

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