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Mid-Season TV Crush: Fiona Gallagher’s Men on Showtime’s Shameless 

Photo Credit: Showtime

Warning: Slight Spoilers Discussed

Shameless‘ Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) is a woman after our hearts. Not only is she the much-needed maternal figure in her family, but she’s the one that provides stability to this family of grifters. We’d like to see Fiona break out of her dead-end jobs and make something of herself and we’d like to see her find real love (again). We know Steve’s out of the picture for at least a few episodes, but there’s a whole new cute crop of contenders. So who are the latest guys in her life?

James Wolk. Photo Credit: Fox

Actor: James Wolk of Lone Star and soon-to-be Happy Endings on ABC
Shameless Character: Guest-starring as Adam, one of Fiona’s Season 2 love interests
Shameless Assessment: Wolk will play an investment executive who hooks up with Fiona. According to a article, Adam’s “dark and a little bit of a fast, about-town kind of guy.” Allegedly, their connection isn’t going to be a deep, emotional one. So it’s sounding like it’ll be more of a surface, physical kind of thing. Wolk will play the heck out of it, no matter what. But we love it when he’s able to show more layers.
The Crush Factor: Speaking of layers, if this physical connection Adam has going on with Fiona requires James Wolk to remove some of his layers — of clothing — we’re cool with it. After all, this is Showtime. Anything can happen in premium cable and it usually does. We first noticed this ridiculously good looking actor on Fox’s short-lived soapy drama Lone Star. He had the juice to lead the star-powered ensemble and ever since, we’ve been waiting for him to break out with another great role. In addition to Shameless, he’s set to guest star on ABC’s hit-com Happy Endings playing Max’s ex-boyfriend. Only the ex is a thing of the past because the two are dating again. He’ll be part of the show for a multiple episode-arc and we can’t be happier to have Wolk back on TV and guest starring on two of our favorite series — Shameless and Happy Endings.

Taylor Kinney. Photo Credit: The CW

Actor: Taylor Kinney from The Vampire Diaries
Shameless Character: Guest-starring as Craig, a crush of Fiona’s from her high school days
Shameless Assessment: It’s easy to see why Fiona had a crush on Taylor Kinney’s Craig back in the day. But this potential romance may just enter dangerous liaison territory. After all, Craig is married and has kids. Fiona needs to pack that crush up and save it for another day.
The Crush Factor: However, you can see Fiona’s dilemma. Taylor Kinney is so hot it hurts. He steamed up an already steamy Mystic Falls when his Vampire Diaries character, werewolf Mason Lockwood, hit town. We were ecstatic when the late Lockwood showed up again in Season 3 in an oh so fine ghost form. We hope TPTB  on TVD see fit to bring him back again and again and again. Why? Because Kinney has these eyes you can’t help but get lost in and a body that just won’t quit. He’s a keeper. So glad he’ll be spending time on Shameless.

Photo Credit: Showtime

Actor: Justin Chatwin of Smallville, Weeds, and Lost
Shameless Character: Steve (aka Jimmy Lishman) Fiona’s secretive boyfriend. We all thought he was just a car thief until he went to visit his wealthy family – a secret Debbie discovered and demanded money for to keep quiet. Steve wanted to take Fiona away from it all when he had to leave town but she couldn’t abandon her family. Steve’s not in Fiona’s life right now.
Shameless Character Assessment: Steve was Fiona’s first love. And he not only gets her family, but he likes them too – which is huge. No matter what happens in their lives, we believe Steve and Fiona are destined to be together. Sappy, right? We don’t care. We love these two. They challenge each other, support each other, and have a hot physical connection. We hope they’re not apart for too long.
The Crush Factor: What’s not to like? Justin Chatwin is so easy on the eyes and if you’re of a certain age on this show, we’re gonna see your naughty bits. We approve. Not only do we love that Steve can go toe to toe with Fiona, but we love that Justin Chatwin can make it look so easy. And as a bonus, we’ve learned that we’ll be seeing Justin Chatwin nude this season. NUDE. We can’t wait.

Season 2 of Shameless premieres tonight at 9/8c on Showtime.

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