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Moment of Goodness

It’s (So Deliciously) Complicated: The Vampire Diaries “The New Deal” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

So. Many. Feelings. There was so much goodness in “The New Deal” that it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s Heather’s recap if you need and/or want a refresher. I know I’d like to talk in-depth about some delectable new complications so we might as well start with that kiss. 

Even though I’m a pretty hardcore Stefan/Elena shipper, there were three different moments in “The New Plan” where I was yelling at the TV for Damon and Elena to kiss. And when it finally happened, I was…kind of disappointed. WAIT. Let me explain. I’m happy they kissed. It was a really nice kiss and I’ve really been wanting them to lock lips since the end of “Homecoming.” But what tonight’s episode made me realize is this: I want to see Elena kiss Damon not the other way around. It means so much more if Elena is the one initiating the kiss. Look, we all know how Damon feels about Elena. It’s not like he’s interested in hiding his feelings. And we know Elena definitely has feelings for him. When she thought Damon was dying and she kissed him in “As I Lay Dying” is was sweet and so hot. And while tonight’s kiss was definitely sweet – I love that Damon didn’t try to push Elena too far out of her comfort zone by cranking up the heat – I realize I want to see things get hot and heavy between them. I know it’s way too soon for that. I like where Damon and Elena are in their “courtship” and I definitely don’t want them to rush into anything. And part of me still wants Elena with Stefan – even after what he said to her. We know Stefan hasn’t let all his humanity back in and he’s purposely keeping her at arms length so he can keep her safe and get his revenge on Klaus. I like that. But I love where things are going with Elena and Damon.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CWÂ

I didn’t think Jeremy would get back in my good graces so quickly. As I’m sure you know (and it’s possible you’re tired of hearing me say it), I was so disappointed in him after that whole Anna thing. But along with the bad grade and getting fired, came a Jeremy Gilbert that sparked my interest again. He was spiraling since Bonnie broke up with him – maybe he did feel bad about treating her like crap. He admitted to Tyler that he liked Alaric – maybe he realizes having a guardian type figure in his life is important. He kills a hybrid in front of his sister – maybe he’s growing up way too fast. To hear him be so bleak about his future – and all of their futures – was something we’ve never seen from him before. Sometimes it’s easy to forget he’s only 16. For someone that young to know he’s never going to get out of Mystic Falls alive – and to admit it out loud – is kind of profound. One way Elena can truly make sure Jeremy is safe is to take him out of play. Even though Elena basically traded Jeremy’s life for Rebekah’s she’s smart to get him out of town. Ultimately I think Elena is doing the right thing by sending her brother away. I’m actually sad to see him go but I do want him safe. If/when Jeremy finds out Damon compelled him again at Elena’s request the fallout will be massive. But I’d do anything within my power to keep my loved ones safe from Klaus.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Talk about a control freak. Klaus is so used to being in control that when things don’t go his way, people usually end up dead. I really liked that Klaus’s lack of a retaliation set most of our Mystic Fallers on edge. I was so tense so it wasn’t fun for me either to see them be paranoid and wait with dread for Klaus to appear and wreak havoc. When he made that phone call in front of Damon, I knew it was trouble. I gasped out loud when Alaric got hit by that car. I reassured myself by saying (out loud to the TV): “He’s wearing his ring. Of course, he’s wearing his ring.” I love that I get so involved in this show and I’m interested to learn why his ring is glitching. So even though Klaus was gunning for Jeremy, hurting Alaric got Klaus a little of what he wanted. What I didn’t expect was for Klaus to re-dagger Rebekah once he got her back from Elena. So interesting. Is he so afraid of losing his sister’s love that he can’t take the chance of even waking her up? He should be afraid. But what surprised me even more was Klaus’s reaction to Elena telling Klaus he’d turned Stefan into a monster. I love that Stefan defied Klaus’s expectations. He thought Stefan would go back to Elena but Stefan keeps surprising him. I hope Stefan keeps Klaus on his toes for a while. I wonder which of Elena’s loved ones he’ll target next.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

We learned a little more about what Klaus’s sire bond meant to Tyler. To think that Klaus could tell Tyler to do something and that Tyler would do it without even thinking is hard to swallow. To realize Tyler won’t (or can’t) question anything that comes from Klaus is terrifying but it was nice that Tyler warned Jeremy that Klaus wasn’t done with him. Whatever Tyler needs to do to fight Klaus’s influence, I hope he continues to do it. That he was willing to put Jeremy in harms way to please his sire is unacceptable. I like that Tyler’s questioning the grand plan. I hope he keeps fighting against what his nature’s become since he became a hybrid. Part of me wants the old Tyler back but part of me loves this new conflict. What, if anything, will break that bond?

They certainly know how to keep things interesting in Mystic Falls don’t they?

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c.

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