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The Vampire Diaries: One True Pairing 

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/ The CW

The waiting is finally over. Tonight we get a new episode of The Vampire Diaries. We actually had fun over the hiatus – you may have read some of our TVD Goodness Thursday articles. We thought one more would be appropriate as a sort of appetizer to tonight’s main dish. And it’s a doozy. We don’t believe in shipper wars (and we’re hoping NOT to start anything here), but we thought it would be fun for each of us to choose a ship and defend it. Why do we love the couple? What makes us cheer for them every week (whether or not they’re together right now)? Why are they our one true pairing (OTP) on the show? And to spice it up we also talk about what we might want to see in the romantic futures of some of our favorite characters. 

Kara’s OTP: Stefan and Elena

Photo Credit: The CW

Stefan has proven time and time again how much he loves Elena. Let me count the ways (but only from this season so far):

  • After Klaus thought he’d killed Elena during the ritual, Stefan left town with him to keep her safe.
  • When Stefan found Elena in the liquor closet in Chicago, that look he gave her spoke volumes because he couldn’t put his feelings into words at that particular moment.
  • After Klaus compelled Stefan to kill Elena, Stefan was willing to stake himself before he could bring himself to kill her.
  • When Alaric and Elena set a trap for Stefan and Elena “fell” off the bleachers, there was a moment where it looked like he felt something for her even thought Klaus had compelled him to “turn it off.”

And Elena loved (and still loves) Stefan enough to never give up on him. She asked Damon to help her track Stefan down after he left town with Klaus. Even when she finds out he’s returned to his former Ripper ways, she still loves him. Even when Klaus’s compulsion makes Stefan do and say horrible things, she still thinks the man she loves is in there. She says she’s ready to let him go, but I’m not so sure.

If that ain’t love I seriously don’t know what is. I love Stefan and Elena together, even when they’re not together. In fact, the most fun I’ve had with them – after their initial courtship – has been seeing them yearn for each other while they were apart during the first part of this season. It somehow reinvigorated this relationship for me, and I’ve always been a fan. So even though they aren’t together now and it doesn’t realistically look like they’ll be together anytime soon I’m going to carry a torch for them. I believe they’ll be together again one day and stronger than ever.

An Interesting Potential Pairing: Klaus and Someone To Be Named Later

Photo Credit: The CW

We can’t leave Klaus out of the discussion, although so far we haven’t seen him be romantically interested or involved with anyone. Julie Plec promises a love interest for him in the future, which makes me very happy to hear. What I will say is this: I hope Klaus falls for someone we haven’t met yet. Can you even imagine what kind of woman he’d go for? It would have to be someone he can’t intimidate or control. It would have to be someone who stimulates him in some way, someone he finds intriguing enough to give a second look. Is there any other kind of creature out there we haven’t met yet? Because I kind of feel like she’d have to be supernatural and very powerful to even tempt Klaus. What do you think?

Tina’s OTP: Damon and Elena

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Damon and Elena haven’t happened in TVD universe yet but things are looking like they’re headed there (thankfully!). This pairing is beyond sexy for so many reasons:

  • It’s impossible to deny the sizzling chemistry that exists between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. It’s palpable. Their scenes together are rife with just the right amount of sexual tension. Their getting together is an inevitability. It’s not clear how long they’ll last once they make this happen but this is a romance that’s going to happen. There’s no stopping it.
  • Damon and Elena didn’t start out as friends. Their relationship has hit some serious turbulence over the seasons but has slowly turned into something strong. It’s this slow groove that will make a union between them supremely satisfying.
  • Elena said it herself. When Damon made the comment that she would have liked the 1864 him (in “As I Lay Dying”), she said she liked him the way he was now. That means she knows him. Inside and out. And she doesn’t want to change him. That means a lot to a stubborn vampire with self-esteem issues.
  • Damon protects Elena at all costs. Now, he does tend to let this protective streak veer out of control but it says something that he’ll apologize to her for any wrongdoing. And, really, Damon doesn’t apologize to many people. Damon doesn’t trust many people either. Elena’s one of the precious few.
  • Season 3 has been chock full of sexy moments and scenes between the two. Damon and Elena are comfortable with each other in a way that’s exciting. Sometimes it already seems like they’ve been in a relationship for a long time; it’s easy to forget that they’re not together. But all these sexy moments means they’re going to have to take it to the next level sooner rather than later. Must-see scene: Damon and Elena in bed at the end of “Ordinary People.”

Damon and Elena have true OTP potential. Let’s hope the show gives this couple a shot. So far, Elena carrying a torch for his brother has prevented anything from happening. But Stefan channeling his inner ripper has opened the door to what could be something wonderful.

An Interesting Potential Pairing: Bonnie and Damon

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

What’s great on The Vampire Diaries is that many of the actors have this incredibly chemistry with more than one person. And I have to admit that whenever Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder share a scene together, I love it. I think Bonnie and Damon barely tolerate each other, but over the seasons, they’ve been forced to rely on each other. Bonnie can’t deny that Damon’s been there for her best friend. And Damon can’t deny that Bonnie’s witch-y skills are pretty formidable. There’s no bulls–t between them. Damon usually throws out some sort of sarcastic line and Bonnie usually rolls her eyes at him. These two have the potential for much cuteness and if the show were to go there someday, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Especially if Damon and Elena don’t work out, which I’m in denial about right now.

Heather’s OTP: Tyler and Caroline

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Y’all already know how much I love this arc and how much I dislike that they’ve cold watered it already in a backhanded sort of way–giving Tyler a bigger story and turning him into a weredouche that Caroline can’t abide right now. We’ve got ourselves a half-glass scenario.

I hope they move past that and realize these two are so much better/stronger/faster/awesome when they are together. Why?

Hot. Seriously. Even before they got together together, there was an electricity to their scenes. I’d bet the chemistry between the actors got us the arc faster than the show bible perhaps had planned.

Funny. I love that they stop in the middle of the drama to take the piss out of each other and it’s sweet and light and sort of takes you out of the gravity that might be going on in the scene.

Loyal. They always go to bat for each other–every time–even if it aggravates the other one or creates self-jeopardy.

Teenagers. Moreso than the rest of the MHF crew, these two still seem to be aware they are in fact high school students. I love that Caroline is giddy goofy about the minutae of being a senior despite being a vamprire, and Tyler is still suiting up for varsity football despite being a hybrid.

An Interesting Potential Pairing: Alaric and Elena

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Before y’all go completely Defcon One on me, hear me out. I’m talking way, way, way down the line when Elena tires of the vampire bullsh-t and decides to turn to the constant (albeit tipsy) rock in her life–Alaric. I can totally see the light turning on for both of them about ten years down the pike (if they’re still alive) that they get each other, that they call each other out, that they don’t let each other coast.

Yes, Alaric could have maybe been her stepfather at some point if Isobel hadn’t lost her nut and had reclaimed her child, or if Jenna had lived, but neither scenario happened in the reality of this show, so I choose not to recognize them and skew Elena as Alaric’s almost daughter.

Elena trusts Alaric. He comes through for her. She’s there for him as an equal and has moved past being a student or a little girl. When it was obvious post-Jenna that Alaric was going to fall into the bottle and never come back out, Elena took him home, she gave him a home. I think it’s entirely plausible that she could always be home for him. I think Elena is a point of clarity, maybe the only one, for Alaric. If I can go medieval for a minute, he’s her champion, and at some point, his queen will need to retire from war and rest.

Who is your favorite couple and why? Which ship would to defend to the death? Head over to the TV Goodness Facebook page to vote for your favorite TVD OTP. “Like” our page while you’re there!

The Vampire Diaries returns tonight at 8/7c on the CW.

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