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Relationship Recap: Nolan and Emily Are Finally Friends on Revenge “Duress” 

Photo Credit: ABC

We all know how hard it is for Emily to make new friends. She has one goal – revenge – and friends just get in the way of that. But when Emily goes to Nolan to apologize, I felt like she turned a major corner. I loved her actual apology, although Nolan had to keep pointing out that she wasn’t saying the words “I’m sorry.” And in case we forgot, Nolan reminded Emily that all he’s ever wanted to do was help her and her dad. So when Emily finally says those two words, she means it. I even love that she had to google “friendship.” It’s sad that she’s forgotten what it means but so nice that she has it with Nolan now.  

And it was hard on me seeing these two at such odds. I mean, I’m sure their separation only seemed interminable because of the hiatus but I like these two as friends. They make all sorts of mischief together.

After they make up in “Duress,” Nolan helps Emily track down the whalecam Tyler stole from him. And they can track his whereabouts thanks to the trusty tracker Nolan put on Tyler’s phone. In fact, it looks like Tyler may discover Emily looking through his stuff in the guesthouse when she finds something very interesting – Tyler’s prescription for an antipsychotic. She does some digging and discovers Tyler’s wanted by the police in connection with an assault.

She goes to Nolan with the information and also asks him (in a very roundabout way) to help her keep an eye on Daniel and her place (via the whalecam). You can see how happy Nolan is to be back in the fold and the fact that Emily asked for a favor – without actually asking – means she really does trust him. Nolan hacks into the police report on the assault and they’re able to get the name and contact number for Tyler’s brother. Nolan makes the call that gets the doc on a plane and on his way to the Hamptons to collect his spiraling brother.

Tyler tells Daniel he’s leaving after Daniel confronts him and Nolan’s tracker confirms it. With that threat seemingly out of the way Nolan even manages to snag an invite to Daniel’s clambake, which is only for friends and family. But Nolan learns the hard way that technology will let him down when Tyler pulls a knife on him. And even after he gets a serious wound for his trouble, Nolan is still trying to help Emily. After Tyler’s brother helps Nolan get out of his restraints Nolan calls Emily to warn her. Too bad it’s Tyler who picks up the phone and finds Emily’s gun in it’s hiding place.

As Tyler’s about to shoot Emily (with a gun that’s not loaded – oh Emily, why are we constantly surprised by your cunningness?), Tyler’s brother shows up with Nolan. But it’s a coordinated attack by Daniel and Jack that neutralizes the threat. Tyler’s also on the hook for Frank’s death thanks to Emily. Threat neutralized. Watch out Amanda. You’re next.

Favorite Nolan lines:

“A word of advice. Leave the joke cracking to me. You suck at it.”

“Blackmail isn’t just for breakfast any more.”

“It’s hiding in plain sight Dora.”

“Hmm. Cold turkey meets hot mess.”

“Technology, unlike people, never lets me down.”

“You never cease to amaze and terrify me maestro.”

All photos courtesy of ABC. Revenge airs Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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