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More or Less: Pretty Little Liars “Through Many Dangers, Tolls and Snares” 

More or Less is a new feature where we, simply, reveal what we want to see more of or less of after watching any given episode of TV. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more of the good stuff as that show’s season continues and less of the not-so-good stuff. See if you agree.

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MORE Emily acting all sassy and like she has a backbone. I know the girls were just pretending to be angry with Emily in order to lure “A” out of hiding but I kinda sorta liked the rebellious side of her. She wasn’t a doormat at all. Since she was the bait she got to be all brave even though it almost bit her in the “A.” Yeah, Emily was badass in the winter premiere. Hope that part of her stays. Although… LESS of the girls fighting. Again, this was for show but I’m going on record now. I don’t like the Pretty Little Liars fighting. I like them working together not turning against each other. So happy the infighting in this episode was all just a ploy.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

MORE AND LESS: More of being honest on this show, OK? Jenna and Garrett’s creepy relationship is officially out in the open. And I’m so happy to report that the Aria & Ezra relationship has been revealed too. I know the title of the series is Pretty Little Liars but still. It took them long enough but I’m glad the secrets are out. Less of Ezra wondering what went wrong with Aria’s parents. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I completely agreed with Jackie when she wondered what he expected. Yes, it’s out in the open. And, yes, things are about to get much harder for Aria and Ezra. There’s no way the parents are going to allow this relationship to continue. I’m sure they’ll have no choice in it since Aria’s a stubborn one, but I don’t see a smooth path for Aria and Ezra any time soon, do you?

MORE Hanna and Caleb. I’m sorry, Lucas. I love you but I just want your massive Hanna crush to continue being a crush. I’m all about Hanna and Caleb. The bad boy showing up at Hanna’s house was completely adorable, sweet and romantic. Loved the reunion.

MORE of Toby being there for Spencer. I know Spencer’s pushing Toby away right now but I hope that doesn’t last long. He wants to be there for her and, more importantly, I want him to be there for her. They’re a great couple and this, hopefully, is a small bump in the road. This couple deserves a decent chance at something good sooner rather than later.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

MORE of Aria’s little brother being understanding and helpful. During the first half of Season 2, the kid was angry and overly rebellious and was breaking into houses stealing stuff. I get why he was a bit of a mess but the way his bad behavior played out didn’t ring true. Plus, I’ve had enough of angry teen boys on my TV. So, more of Mike being cool and not so bitter, please. I really enjoyed him in this episode for the first time in a long time, even though he did punch Ezra. And speaking of that punch, I was OK with Mike doing it, especially since he figured he’d do it before his dad had the chance to do it. If Byron had punched Mike, it wouldn’t have been a good scene at all.

MORE things actually happening in an episode. The girls were seriously proactive with their plan to trap “A” and almost caught him/her. They did capture the mysterious texter’s cell phone. That was awesome. Hanna’s dad decided to move back to Rosewood, instantly causing conflict for the troubled teen. Caleb came back to town.  Ezra confessed to Aria’s parents. There was much to love about the winter premiere of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. It was a suspenseful, exciting hour of TV. Great start to this second half of the season.

Pretty Little Liars airs on ABC Family Mondays at 8/7c.

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