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It’s a Brad Brad World “Haute in Hollywood” 

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

I was excited for Brad Goreski when I heard he was going out on his own. I thought he had a great run with Rachel Zoe and I was happy he was moving on. I think I’ll always be hoping for Brad to do well and be successful because of the horrible way Taylor treated him in season one and two of The Rachel Zoe Project. Now, I know that was a while ago but apparently I hold grudges on behalf of other people.

I’m the first to admit I don’t know that much about fashion, but from what I know I think Brad is talented. I like the way he styles people. I think watching his process is interesting. I even like seeing him scramble for jobs. It’s nice to know he’s like us – sort of. And I think it’s really smart to try out assistants before he settles on one. I knew Monica wasn’t going to work out almost immediately. I thought he was very clear in his instructions and I could see that she was more interested in watching the photo shoot than in doing what Brad wanted. Oh well.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

I’ve worked red carpets that both Keri Hilson and Jessica Alba have been on. They are both stunning and I was excited Brad got the opportunity to style both of them for the Met Ball. It is a huge night in the fashion world and I’m happy to see him included.


  • I’m bummed Diane Lane didn’t work out. I hope he gets a chance to style her sometime in the future.
  • I love Brad’s relationship with his boyfriend Gary. They’re great together and I love seeing them interact with their dogs.
  • I’m enjoying Brad’s sense of humor, but I always have. I love the one-liners and quips. My favorite of the night was got to be, “I’ve been lost under so many dresses. Probably more dresses than Tommy Lee.”

What I hope to see soon:

  • Brad needs an office. I know it costs money and he’s not sure where his next paycheck is coming from, but he can’t work out of the garage. He should look into getting a small business loan or something. He needs to look like a professional.
  • Brad needs to sell himself. He’s got an agent and a manager. Now he needs to be his own publicist. He can’t wait for clients to come to him. He should be taking the momentum he gets from each job and turning them into leads. He worked it on the US Weekly carpet and I’m sure he talked to a lot of people at that party. Did he get names and numbers? I’m sure there were a lot of people there who would love to be styled by him. And who would pay.

What did you think of the episode? Are you rooting for Brad to succeed like I am?

It’s a Brad Brad World airs Mondays at 10/9c.

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