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Reality Fix: All On The Line Nicole Miller Fashion Week 

Photo Credit: Sundance Channel

I don’t know when I became a fan of fashion shows, but there are a few I love. An ex-roommate sucked me into America’s Next Top Model quite a few cycles ago. What I love about that show is not the drama, but the actual photos. I like seeing the girls challenged by the location, or their photographer, or the situation to create something beautiful. I’ve watched Project Runway since the beginning because I thought I’d learn about fashion and I have. For me it’s fun to see these designers be challenged and get creative. When I heard about All On The Line, I knew I was going to give it a chance because I’m a long-time Elle subscriber and I’ve read Joe Zee‘s column in the magazine for a while. I’m not much of a fashion risk-taker but I admire people who are and I like seeing Joe Zee help and inspire the designers he’s passionate about. Sometimes the tough love and brutally honest critiques can be a bit much, but I know it’s coming from a good place.

Photo Credit: Sundance Channel

This episode is different from the ones we’ve seen before because Joe Zee is helping someone who has been in the fashion industry for decades and already has a successful business. We all know Nicole Miller for her formal wear. Maybe you’ve even got a cocktail or prom dress with her label on it. In “Nicole Miller: Fashion Week,” we learn Nicole also has a sportswear line. But no one – especially the very important demo of girls in their 20s – know about it. Joe’s got to help Nicole get inspired to show a collection at Fashion Week that will blow the critics away.

I loved seeing Joe Zee in the Nicole Miller offices. He was excited, passionate, and really nervous. Joe Zee was the one to encourage Nicole Miller to head in a new direction with her sportswear line and he knew what failure would mean. I actually liked the fuss they made over the bloggers – but maybe not for the reason you’re thinking. In today’s world social media is king. If you’re not paying attention to that, you can’t grow your business. It’s important and I’m glad a company as established at Nicole Miller embraced it.

Even though I liked the episode, I still realize I have so much to learn about fashion. I know what I like and I’m trying to be more adventurous. While Nicole Miller’s sportswear line was well received by Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus as well as the bloggers it makes me realize how conventional (ok, boring) I still am. I didn’t get some of those pieces and that’s why I’ll keep watching this show. I want to be exposed to all types of fashion – whether or not I understand it.

All On The Line airs Fridays at 9:30/8:30c.

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