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2011’s Most Memorable Episodes: Sanctuary “Tempus” 

Photo Credit: Syfy

Sanctuary is a show I adored in its first season and then strayed from after one of the core characters was rather brutally dispatched early into season two. I returned sporadically last season when Ian Tracey joined the cast as the Jekyll-and-Hyde themed Adam Worth, an alumni of the series’ turn-of-the-century brain trust who didn’t quite make the cut in the group’s secret society and held them all responsible when his daughter died despite the collective’s best efforts to save her. Worth went off the deep end, deliciously so, and turned up in the present as a persistent thorn in the side of the Sanctuary.

When the fall season kicked off, Helen Magnus had returned to 19th century London to dispatch the time-travelling present-day Worth once and for all so things would settle down back home. The personal twists for her included confiding in the past-version James Watson (yes, that one, played by Peter Wingfield) that she was a future version of Helen–we got to watch his giddy reaction to all her 21st century gadgetry turn to anger when she made him destroy all of it–and second, after Worth was truly dead and gone, and sadly his daughter, dead again, too, she couldn’t return to her timeline.

Photo Credit: Syfy

She was sort of gleeful herself when she realized she could now take a 113-year vacation until she caught up with her timeline again, when the then present-day Magnus would again travel backward and be trapped. It was a wonderful setup, and I thought about that twist for days after the episode aired, and what it would mean to Helen to have time to just be after everything she’d lived through, but we’ve not yet tapped into what exactly she did for a century and change.

I have an inkling that those 113 years could serve as a backdoor pilot for another Syfy series for Amanda Tapping. If they could find a way to work in some of the past and present Sanctuary (and SG1) cast, I’d be all over it.

The season finale airs this evening on Syfy at 10 pm ET. If you missed last week’s part one, it repeats at 11 pm ET followed by an immediate repeat of part two at 12 am ET.

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