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Game of Thrones: 3 Things I’m Looking Forward to in “Baelor” 

Let me start by saying I have not seen next week’s episode yet. Based on the teaser and what I hope will happen, this is what I’d like to see. So there may or may not be spoilers below (there definitely are if you didn’t watch the teaser). You’ve been warned.

Photo Credit: HBO

1. Tyrion Lannister in armor and actually fighting. I really will have to see it to believe it. For a man who is so self-interested (but always pays his debts), Tyrion is forced into it. Will he honor his father in battle? Doubtful. From what we saw this week Tywin Lannister doesn’t respect this son. Either way, I want to see the imp live.

Photo Credit: HBO

2. Jon Snow joining his brother in battle. He has pledged his life to the wall but his family is in danger. Even though Jon was confined to his quarters, with the help of Ghost he was able to kill a man the white walkers somehow managed to reanimate. We haven’t seen the white walkers since the pilot but they continue to make their presence felt. Jon is needed at the wall but he might abandon his post to help fight for his family’s honor. Personally, I’d like to see him take part in the Lannisters downfall.

Photo Credit: HBO

3. Daenerys Targaryen in battle. I’m not sure if she’s part of the fighting or she gets hurt from fallout, but she does command Ser Jorah Mormont to put his armor on. And she ends up bloody and on the ground. I’d like to know why and how. I’m so invested in the woman Daenerys is becoming. I like that she now has sway with her husband. I hope a day comes soon when she will also command the respect and loyalty of all his people.

Apparently I’m obsessed with war and fighting. I didn’t realize all of these had to do with battle until I’d written them all. But now is the time for all of these characters to show their true colors. There is a lot at stake and I hope both the Starks and Khal and Daenerys come out stronger. I really hope an alliance between them is in the near future. I may have already mentioned how much I’d like to see the Lannisters go down.

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