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TVD’s Naughty and Nice List 

It’s almost Christmas and what better way to celebrate the season than to separate the naughty from the nice…only, every single character on the show has both naughty and nice moments. But don’t we all? Who deserves a lump of coal from Santa? Read below and find out.


Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Nice: In “The Descent,” Damon has to be cruel to be kind. When it became apparent what a danger Rose was becoming to Elena (who Rose kept thinking was Katherine) and other humans, Damon knew he had to take her life. He held her hand as they laid in bed together and compelled Rose to fall asleep. She returned to her favorite place in her dreams and Damon’s there with her. When he knows she’s no longer afraid he drives a stake through her heart in the real world. Later we find out what his kindness cost Damon and realize Rose was lucky to have him in her life at the end. We also realized his biggest secret was that he misses being human.

Naughty: It’s a tie between Damon forcing his blood on Elena and him killing Ric again. It’s no secret that Damon’s in love with Elena. Even though Elena wasn’t willing to live at any cost (for example, as a vampire) if Bonnie can’t kill Klaus, it’s an option Damon felt she couldn’t pass up. When Damon made Elena drink his blood in “The Last Day,” words cannot describe how mad we were. It was Elena’s choice to make and he took that away from her. We know his judgement was compromised and he thought he was doing the right thing, but it’s still unforgivable. And he almost went to his grave with that regret. In “Disturbing Behavior,” all is not well between Ric and Damon after Rick tells Damon to take a beat with Elena. Damon’s tired of people telling him what to do and how to feel so when Ric tries to keep Damon from killing Bill Forbes, Damon’s had it. He sees Ric’s wearing his ring and he breaks his neck. He knows Ric’s not really dead, but it’s still not cool.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Nice: Stefan may have been up to evil for the second half of 2011 but things didn’t start out that way. He’s made a couple of grand sacrifices for his brother. To save a werewolf-bitten Damon, he made a deal with Klaus in “As I Lay Dying.” And when Klaus threatened Damon’s life again with a built-in “insurance policy” should anything happen to him in “Homecoming,” Stefan was forced to save Klaus from Mikael taking vengeance on his “son.” Both came with dire consequences but they were sacrifices that were borne out of the love for his brother.

Naughty: In order to make the deal to save Damon’s life, Stefan had to give up his girlfriend, Elena. That was so not cool. Plus, everything he did after Klaus compelled his humanity away isn’t what you’d call the actions of someone pure of heart. He became an unfeeling, uncaring vampire with no regard for his ex-girlfriend or anyone really. He had no problem feeding on humans or doing Klaus’ bidding. The ripper returned and he became Elena’s worst nightmare.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Naughty: For being (arguably) the nicest guy in Mystic Falls, Matt’s done some naughty things this year. It was late in Season 2 he found out the truth about his girlfriend, Caroline. Matt didn’t handle things too well. He worked in conjunction with Sheriff Forbes to get the goods on her daughter and all vampires. He showed up at Caroline’s door and asked her to tell him everything about the vampire situation and asked about what happened to his sister Vicki. After Caroline revealed everything (he also found out about Tyler’s werewolf issues), he said he didn’t want to remember anything so she compelled him to forget. Only it was a set-up the entire time. He remembered everything because he’d been taking vervain. And, ultimately, even though he had a change of heart and accepted Caroline for what she was, Matt didn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore. So he broke up with her. Boo. We think that’s even worse than when he brought his Ghost Sister back to “life” in Season 3.

Nice: After finding out the supernatural ways of Mystic Falls, Matt ended up saving Damon’s life. In “The Last Day,” the vampire’s at the Tomb battling the warlock Maddox. Damon’s losing but the fight ended when Matt shot the warlock dead. It was an awesome moment. Matt completely accepted all the weirdness — werewolf, witches, vampires and all.


Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Nice: In “The Reckoning,” Matt’s all tormented over being alone in the world and knowing there’s a way to reach his dead vampire sister. So he decided to drown himself. He figured once he passed over and was then revived, he’d be able to see Vicki instead of just sense she’s there. Well, it worked, thanks to Bonnie, who rushed back to the high school pool and rescued her friend. She didn’t have to rely on her witch-y self to do it. It just took calling on her lifeguard skills to save him. Thankfully, she knew how to CPR their way out of this mess.

Naughty: In “As I Lay Dying,” Bonnie resurrected Jeremy. That should have qualified her for the nice list. Thing is, she abused her witches power to do it. And, as a result, the consequences were severe. As with much of the naughtiness that occurs in Mystic Falls, Bonnie had good intentions that went terribly, terribly wrong. She ended up losing Jeremy to a ghost. How cruel is that? Lesson learned.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Nice: Things had been brewing (see what we did there?) between Elena’s little brother and Bonnie for quite some time. Bonnie felt guilty and weird about the sexual tension but Jeremy was happy she seemed ready to give him a chance. They’re a bit distracted but not enough to ignore their feelings in “Crying Wolf.” Holy hotness. That kiss was amazing. Perhaps it was the anticipation, perhaps not. Whatever it was, it was a nice moment for the viewers and also for Jeremy. Here was a stable, attractive, interesting girl. With Vicki and Anna there was drama. With Bonnie there was too, but of an entirely different kind.

Naughty: Bonnie loses her connection to the sacrificed witches so Jeremy can hook up with his dead ex? Party foul. We knew Bonnie and Jeremy were headed for trouble when he wouldn’t tell her he was seeing the ghosts of his exes in “The Birthday.” We were prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt to find out what was happening before worrying Bonnie with it. But as his connection with Anna grew stronger, and he still wouldn’t come clean with Bonnie we started to feel annoyed. More than annoyed actually, we were pissed. When Elena walked in on Jeremy and Anna kissing in “Ghost World,” we knew that was the end of Bonnie and Jeremy. We’d like to see him, at the very least, apologize to Bonnie for his behavior. Until then, he’s on our sh*t list.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Naughty: In “The Sun Also Rises,” Klaus made Katherine do some of his dirty work before the ritual. He compelled Katherine to lure Jenna to him so he could force her to drink his blood, then kill her. Klaus pretended to give Elena a choice of which vampire to sacrifice, but it’s not really a choice at all. Klaus had plans for Stefan. Even though we knew this moment was coming it was still incredibly powerful. We think there’s a chance Jenna might get away after she attacked Greta. But Klaus is too quick. And to make it even worse he killed Jenna right in front of Elena. Some things you can’t forgive or forget. Jenna’s absence has been so keenly felt this season by Jeremy, Elena, and Alaric. RIP Jenna.

Naughtier: Klaus has a history of stabbing his family in the back – literally. After Klaus lied to his siblings about who killed their mother, he gained the loyalty of Elijah, Rebekah, and two other brothers we haven’t met yet. There is nothing more important to Klaus than family but when he’s having a difference of opinion with them, they tend to end up daggered. In “The End of the Affair,” Mikael has turned up in 1920s Chicago on the hunt for Klaus and Rebekah. When Rebekah chose her love for Stefan over her brother, Klaus punished her with a dagger in the heart. In “As I Lay Dying,” Elijah wants Klaus to remain true to his word after Elijah turned on the Mystic Fallers to help his brother. Klaus promised Elijah a family reunion and he gets one after Klaus daggers him. Too bad he’s not conscious enough to enjoy it. Maybe getting stabbed in the heart is no dig deal to the Originals because they’re immortal but we wouldn’t like it if our brother did something like that to us.

Naughtiest: It’s a tie between Klaus killing Tyler without knowing if Elena’s blood would hybridize him and compelling Stefan to turn it off in “The Reckoning.” Klaus and Stefan had been up and down the eastern seaboard looking for werewolves to turn into hybrids. Klaus was having no luck so he made things interesting. He tasked Bonnie to help him or watch Tyler die during his transition. Because Elena was supposed to die during the ritual, the Original Witch all but ensured Klaus would forever be the only one of his kind. But because Elena lived, Klaus can make more like him. Also in this episode, despite Klaus’s compulsion to kill Elena, Stefan defied him yet again. Seeing that Stefan would rather stake himself than kill the woman he loves, Klaus compelled Stefan to turn it off.


Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Nice: We know by now that everything Katherine does is ultimately self-serving. But we choose to look upon her posing as Elena during the Mikael/Klaus confrontation as an act of goodwill. In “Homecoming,” she had just as much invested in seeing Klaus dead as everyone else. Her posing as Elena was all part of the plan (the one Mikael didn’t know about), and it’s a good thing she did. We knew Mikael would go to any length to kill Klaus but we didn’t think that included taking Elena out. We also have to give Katherine some credit for getting Klaus’s blood to Damon in “As I Lay Dying.” She wasn’t compelled any more and she didn’t have to do that. Maybe she let her humanity peek through just a little in that moment.

Naughty: Where do we begin? There are a number of horrible things Katherine’s done but some of the most lasting damage has been done to men she claims to have cared for. Katherine has a history of turning brothers against each other. She’s done it twice – that we know about. In “Klaus,” we see she has a connection first with Elijah and also with Klaus. Katherine was a doppleganger before she was a vampire and Klaus needed her to try to break the curse back in the 15th century. Since she betrayed Klaus by becoming a vampire, he’s been chasing her ever since. And as we already know so well she’s also managed to come between Damon and Stefan time and time again. Her love for them has divided them in the past, and it’s exacerbated when she’s taunting one of them like she does in “The House Guest.” She tells Damon she made a deal with John to get out of the tomb but she could only save him or Stefan. She knew the dagger would kill whoever used it. We hate that she loves rubbing Stefan in Damon’s face like that but at least her choice didn’t cost Damon his life. This time.


Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Nice: In “The Dinner Party,” Ric saves Damon from being killed. The plan had been for Damon to dagger Elijah, but they find out – just in the nick of time – that if Damon had done it he’d have been killed. So as everyone made their way back to the dinner table for dessert Ric saw an opportunity to dagger Elijah and he took it. Of course, they don’t yet know that the dagger has to remain in Elijah to be effective, but it’s the thought that counts. When Damon and Ric moved the body to the Salvatore cellar, their bromance was born.

Naughty: In “The Dinner Party,” Jenna confronts Alaric about her growing suspicions. She knew he wasn’t being completely honest with her (in part because of John’s meddling) so she gave him a chance to come clean. When he won’t (yeah, more like can’t), she ended things. That was like a dagger to our hearts but we understood why Alaric felt the need to keep quiet. There’s no way Jenna would’ve believed anything that came out of his mouth if he’d decided to start talking about vampires, and witches, and werewolves. So even though he kept a huge secret from the woman he loves, he did it for a very good reason.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Nice: There were many ups and downs between Matt and Caroline before they permanently broke up. But one of the greatest (upbeat) moments of the year happened in “The House Guest,” when Caroline decided to take it upon herself to show Matt just how much he meant to her. At Mystic Grill, she got up on stage and joined the band for her rendition of The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame,” which was clearly dedicated to Matt. In response, he rushed up on stage and swept her in for a big kiss. Such an awesome moment. Of course, things completely fell apart between them right after that. So sad.

Naughty: Caroline and Matt are a thing of the past. This vampire has moved on to Tyler. And in “The Birthday,” she threw a party for her BFF, Elena. At the big blow-out, she witnessed Tyler getting close to his date and she wasn’t having it. Her solution was to compel the girl to leave the shindig a.s.a.p. A very evil thing to do, but in this case, it’s all cool, because the consequence turned out to be amazing. Caroline and Tyler bantered a bit before they started making out in the middle of the party. And then things got hotter from there. Sometimes it pays to be naughty.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Nice: This one’s kind of a no-brainer. As Damon lay dying in “As I Lay Dying,” Elena kissed him. He knew that she loved his brother but he told her he loved her anyway. And that she would have liked him back in 1864. She let him know she liked him now — just the way he was. And then she softly, sweetly kissed him. She knew it was what he wanted and even though she was with his brother, she did it. His “thank you” in response let her know she did the right thing. Of course, her doppelganger Katherine saw the whole thing and more than insinuated it was okay to love both brothers. Good advice? The jury’s out.

Naughty: While Elena often annoyingly acted as a martyr in 2011, nothing she did really added up to naughty, except for one thing. And that was her ever growing attraction to Damon. Elena and Stefan have had this epic star-crossed love but circumstances tore them apart. In order to find her ripper ex-boyfriend, she needed to rely on his brother, Damon. And as she spent more and more time with the older Salvatore, their relationship grew closer and closer. Now, nothing has really happened other than that deathbed kiss and a few close moments while he’s been training her Buffy-style. Oh and then there’s that other bed scene where the two seemed like a comfortable couple that have known each other for years. Yeah, this forbidden attraction of hers is going to get Elena into some serious trouble. Can’t wait.


Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Nice: Things have been hard for Tyler Lockwood. His dad recently died; he’s had to deal with becoming a werewolf; then there’s that pesky hybrid transformation he made. But he did find it within himself to fall in love with Caroline. Forget that it was his best friend’s girl. It was all about the vampire and the werewolf coming together despite all odds against them. One of the unforgettable images on TVD in 2011 occurred in “The End of the Affair.” Caroline’s dad kidnapped her and wanted to “help” her resist her vampire urges. He removed her protection ring and used direct sunlight to get his point across. But Tyler found her and carried her away to safety. That action cemented their status as a supercouple in viewers’ eyes.

Naughty: It’s Tyler Lockwood. Of course, he’s been naughty. And now that he’s supernatural, his penchant for trouble has multiplied. Let’s see. There’s the time Jules kidnapped Caroline (she gets kidnapped a lot) and he almost didn’t do anything to rescue her. In the end, he did the right thing. In “The Last Day,” he bit Damon after transforming into a wolf. That led to much pain and hallucination for the older Salvatore. Then there’s the douche-y way he’s been acting ever since he became a hybrid. Who knows how long Tyler and Caroline will last as long as he’s part-werewolf and part-vampire? It’s a good bet Tyler will find more trouble in the new year.

What are your favorite naughty and nice moments?

The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes Thursday January 5, 2012 at 8/7c on the CW.

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