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Tina’s 2011 TV Goodness All-Stars: Suits’ Gabriel Macht 

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/USA Network

I don’t mind letting you guys know I’m missing USA Network’s Suits terribly. We still have something like six months to go and I’m not doing well without it. This first-season series quickly became my summer TV obsession. The writing is crackling good — it’s one of those shows where there’s an abundance of good dialogue, witty banter and biting one-liners. It’s fun, smart and continually surprising. It also has a great opening theme song. I adore the cases as much as I worship the characters and their drama. Bonus for not having many scenes located in a courtroom, by the way. I kind of like that much of the negotiating, posturing and manipulating that actually goes on takes place in law offices, boardrooms, conference rooms and pretty much anywhere other than courtrooms.The cast is stellar. There’s not a weak link in this ensemble of actors. There’s current SAG Awards nominee, the excellent Patrick J. Adams; the always fabulous Gina Torres; Rick Hoffman, who provides depth to what could have been a one-note character; Meghan Markle sparkles in her role as the paralegal with designs on becoming a lawyer (and designs on Mike); and there’s the scene-stealing goodness that is Sarah Rafferty, who plays Harvey Specter’s irreplaceable and invaluable assistant, Donna.

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/USA Network

But it’s Gabriel Macht I’m choosing to spotlight as one of our all-stars. As Harvey, he’s absolutely mesmerizing. I was shocked at how quickly I became a fan of the character and, subsequently, the actor. Specter’s not what you’d expect. He’s not the typical Type-A is for A–hole that a role like this usually tends to be. As a lawyer, Harvey’s fierce and formidable. But he has this hint of vulnerability that reminds us mere mortals that he’s human too. I love the code that rules his work life and his personal life. I still remember when we found out he doesn’t mess with married women. I don’t know why that was such a revelation for me but it was. I guess because so often on legal dramas, there is that kind of thing happening.

As the season went along, it was great to see how Harvey (and his slicked-back hair) could get Mike out of trouble or step aside to let Mike figure things out for himself. Macht’s scenes with Torres were electric and filled with sexual tension as were his scenes with Rafferty. The guy clicks chemistry-wise with everyone from Adams to Hoffman. Harvey and Louis have a ridiculously fun rivalry going on.

At the end of the first season, I loved how the women in Harvey’s life came to his rescue after his mentor’s unethical ways threatened his career. Jessica and Donna circled around him to protect him and it was great to see that he’s not always the one to save the day. Sometimes he needs to be saved too.

Last summer TV Goodness called Macht one of our Summer TV Crushes. Now he’s one of our TV Goodness All-Stars. Harvey Specter is a career-defining role for him and I hope all of you out there take the opportunity to see Macht in action. You won’t be disappointed. OK, the gushing is over. For now. All bets are off when Suits returns to USA Network in 2012.

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