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The Ick Factor: Debra Morgan Likes Her Brother on Dexter 

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I watched “Talk to the Hand” on Sunday like you did and I’m still reeling from Deb’s wet dream about her brother. I mean, I had to cover my eyes. And I may have even made retching sounds toward my television. We all know more about Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter‘s personal lives than we should, but that doesn’t prepare you for something like this. I know they’re not biologically related but when you’re raised in the same house with someone as their sibling, you’re related to them in my book. And from what I’ve been hearing and reading I know a lot of people feel like I do.

How did we even get here? It’s no secret that Deb hasn’t made the best choices when it comes to the men she dates. Let’s take a brief tour through her dating history:

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Brian Moser, The Ice Truck Killer. He’s Dexter biological brother and also a serial killer. Deb thinks she’s dating a respectable doctor and even gets engaged to the man she knows as Rudy Cooper. It’s Dexter’s love for his sister – or perhaps his last real connection to his humanity – that keeps Deb alive.

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Special Agent Frank Lundy, her superior and boss during the Ice Truck investigation and the Trinity case. I can’t begrudge her this relationship because I love Keith Carradine. I don’t care how old he is or how far above her he ranks. I thought this was a great relationship on so many levels. I was more than a little devastated when Lundy was killed.

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Anton Briggs, a confidential informant. I seem to remember him being Quinn’s CI before Deb started getting close with him. She even ended up living with Anton after she saved his life. He was ready to get more serious but she was not.

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Joey Quinn, her partner. I never understood this relationship. It confused me until the day they broke up, although it was kinda of nice seeing Deb happy. I was shocked when Quinn proposed and, obviously so was Deb. Did she ever love him? We know she didn’t want things to change and that she liked him enough to move in with him. Maybe she thought he’d never want to be that serious.

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Dexter Morgan, her brother. This is the man in her life she’s had the longest relationship with. Even when he’s ducking her calls or avoiding her, he’s ultimately always there for her. Dexter is someone she can turn to in time of crisis and he’s saved her life more that once.

When you look at it like that, maybe it does make sense that she’s go for Dexter but I still don’t like it. I was so proud of Deb for seeing a shrink this season and I feel like she was making real progress. I don’t think she deserves to be a lieutenant but she’s doing a pretty good job so far. Anyone who stands up to LaGuerta has something going for them. And, yes, the psychiatrist helped Deb realize Dexter is the one person she can count on. But isn’t that what family’s all about? Just because Dexter is “her safe place” doesn’t mean she needs to sexualize him.

This unwelcome development isn’t going to make me stop watching the show, because despite a few missteps this season I’m still pretty invested. I just wanted to get my feelings out before I tried to move on and now hopefully I can.

What do you think of this development? Is this typical Deb or something else?

The season finale of Dexter airs Sunday at 9/8c.

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