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Chuck “Chuck Versus the Hack-Off” 

Photo Credit: Matt Kennedy/NBC

There was so much to love about “Chuck Versus the Hack-Off.” It’s probably my favorite Season 5 episode so far:

  • Chuck “The Piranha” Bartowski: Seeing Chuck’s hacker past was cool. Well, maybe “cool” isn’t the perfect word considering the nerd talk he was spouting. I agree with Sarah. Chuck talking all techy and nerdy was cute. I loved this little glimpse into his past. It also got him thinking about life after spy-dom. Thankfully, Chuck decided not to quit the spy life for computers. Don’t think Sarah would be able to feel useful in that kind of environment.
  • Lester “The Man” Patel: I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think it’s surprising Lester adapted to prison life pretty easily. I’m glad for once things worked out for him. He became a force in the prison. But at the same time, I loved how Jeff and Morgan were trying to clue him in to his manipulative ways. He needed to know he can’t go around poisoning his friends. But becoming a prison power — he needed that too. He even saved Casey. I’m glad he finally got his time in the sun. Now back to Buy More where he can, hopefully, stop acting like such a douche.
  • Casey & Verbanski: Adam Baldwin and Carrie-Anne Moss are fantastic together, aren’t they? Gertrude visited Casey in prison for a “conjugal visit” and they just seemed to fit together. He sent her to work with Chuck and Sarah as they had to do Decker’s bidding in order to save Casey. How cute was it that Verbanski was so thrown by her feelings for John? Her awkward “talk” with Sarah where she admitted she loves Casey was a great moment. And I also loved the fact she’d do anything to get John out of prison. Blowing up Decker and getting the device that holds that lethal virus proved exactly what she’d do. Unfortunately, that now means she has to disappear for a while. Boo. Hopefully, we’ll see her again before the show is over.
  • Bye bye Decker: Decker was a good bad guy but I’m glad his time’s up. Sorry to see Richard Burgi go, however. Going out the way Decker went out — all blow’d up and nowhere to go — wow. Karma, dude. Karma. A surprising moment for sure.
  • Sarah versus the Nudist Cult Chick: I like action so I loved the fight between these two, especially since Sarah prevailed. She’s so incredibly badass. By the way, how short were those outfits Chuck and Sarah had to wear? Wow.
  • Forgiveness for Morgan: When Verbanski showed up to free Casey from prison, she wasn’t alone. She says she brought someone who cares about him as much as she does. I wasn’t quite sure who she was talking about but it makes sense it was Morgan. Morgan knows he acted ridiculous during his Intersect Phase. So he was absolutely looking for redemption with Casey.
  • Jeff: I’m liking a lucid Jeff. He’s present and he’s insightful. He’s pretty wonderful. I do wonder if he’s going to revert back to his out there/carbon-monoxide days so I’m going to enjoy this Jeff while it lasts.
  • Rewind & Repeat: Jeff and Morgan were trying to teach Lester a lesson so they hired an Indian guy to show his friend he can be replaced. Community‘s Danny Pudi guest-starred as the perfect Nerd Herder. It was a quick scene, unfortunately, but a good one. And then we got a bonus. Pudi’s Community co-star Yvette Nicole Brown appeared as a Buy More employee who had designs on the new guy. That part was unexpected and glorious and immediately had me hitting rewind so I could watch the moment unfold again.

Chuck airs Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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