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Once Upon A Time “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Sergei Bachlakov

I have to admit I was only somewhat familiar with the story of The Huntsman, and that’s mainly because of Chris Hemsworth. He’s set to play that character on the big screen and when someone says his name, I tend to pay attention. So going into “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” I knew we were going to learn more of the sheriff’s backstory. When Emma’s kiss triggered Graham’s memories, it was compelling to see him running around trying to figure it all out. But this wouldn’t be a very good story if one of the people in Storybrooke found out their true identity this soon and lived to tell the tale.

Photo Credit: ABC/Sergei Bachlakov

I have to admit that Lana Parrilla’s evil queen fascinates me every week (and she’s one of our 2011 TV Goodness All-Stars). We all know how much she hates Snow White but I forgot about the whole “bring me her heart” business. That’s certainly not in the Disney version and while I love the Brothers Grimm, I tend to forget their stories are so dark. When we meet The Huntsman we see that he’s noble and only kills if he has to. In order to protect the wolves who raised him after he was abandoned by his parents, he makes a deal with the queen. He promises to kill Snow White in exchange for getting protection for his beloved wolves. But before he can kill Snow White, she appeals to his heart in an unexpected way. Unable to kill her, he brings the queen the heart of a stag. Although the queen is fooled at first, she comes to realize The Huntsman hasn’t brought her the heart of her enemy. So instead of Snow White’s heart, she takes his.

In Storybrooke that translates to a man who doesn’t feel anything, he’s empty. Graham’s allowed himself to become caught up in a relationship with Regina but when Emma comes to town he does everything he can to hide it. He doesn’t want her to see this side of him because he may actually care for her. And it’s that first kiss that starts to unlock the secret of who he is. Never one to work without a backup plan, Regina sees what’s happening and tries to warn Emma away. But we all know Emma does the opposite of what Regina says and soon Graham ends things the mayor for good. And that’s when Regina goes into her secret lair and finds the box with The Huntsman’s heart in it. And she crushes it, killing him.

I liked what was going on between Graham and Emma so I’ll miss our hipster sheriff. He was nice to look at, but more than that he was starting to help Emma chip away at her protective facade. With him gone, I hope Emma becomes an even bigger thorn in Regina’s side but I wonder about that lair. Who else’s heart does she have down there? Who else should be worried about dying? If you die in Stonybrooke, do you die in the fairytale world? Regina is committed to no more happily ever afters. I’m worried about the next person who gets in her way.

Once Upon A Time returns Sunday, January 8th at 8/7c.

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