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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Lavon Plays Cupid on Hart of Dixie “The Pirate & the Practice” 

Photo Credit: The CW

One thing is abundantly clear. Ok, two things. Zoe and Wade have amazing chemistry as evidenced in the pilot and “In Havoc and in Heat.” And, two, Zoe is completely unaware of Wade’s feelings. Of course, she’s a little hung up on George right now especially after their Woody Allen “date” in “The Crush & the Crossbow.” And while I think Zoe should ultimately end up with George, right now I’m all about Wade. If Wade actually let his guard down enough to tell her how he feels (and perhaps with some serious persuading), I think Zoe might give him a chance. But Wade’s not going to do anything on his own. After Lavon figures out Wade’s into Zoe’s unique brand of crazy, he tries to give him tips on how to win her over. And, of course, things don’t go so well.

But let’s back up for a minute. I really want to be done with the recurring storyline of Brick and Lemon trying to run Zoe out of town. Every time I think Zoe makes progress, those two come up with a scheme to get her out. Enough already. I think she’s (slowly) learning how to be a part of Bluebell and I know she’s doing some good in that town. And, if she lets herself I think Zoe could do a world of good for Wade. We know they’ve got sparks, but is there anything else there? It’s cute when they fight and hot when Zoe lets her guard down enough to admit Wade’s nice to look at. But can they have anything more than just a fling?

Photo Credit: The CW

We know Zoe’s got some emotional baggage when it comes to relationships. Her boyfriend of six years broke up with her right before she moved to Bluebell. And she wasn’t that upset about it because she doesn’t think she loved him. That’s definitely a lot of time to invest in someone you’re not even sure you want to spend your life with. So we know Zoe’s got some issues. With Wade, it’s a whole different story. He’s happy to invest a little bit of time with any woman who wants to hook up. We know he’s capable of making a serious commitment because he got married. Of course, neither Wade nor his ex were faithful during their marriage but that’s only because neither one of them took it seriously. But Wade does care about his ex so we know he’s capable of commitment.

Enter Lavon Hayes. He knows something’s happening between Wade and Zoe, at least on Wade’s part. When he makes up a lame excuse to get out of upgrading the circuit box, Lavon figures out Wade likes it when Zoe comes to yell at him after he inevitably shorts their power out. From there Lavon deduces that not only does Wade like Zoe, but he loves her. And he’s not the first person to tell Wade that. But Lavon would like to see Wade declare his feelings. Of course the plan goes horribly awry and Wade isn’t able to tell Zoe how he feels. And I have to say I’m glad he didn’t get a chance to spill his guts. I think Wade needs to soften Zoe up a bit more – show her he can be serious about a relationship. Zoe doesn’t see him as a credible romantic choice so I’d like to see him do something that makes Zoe see him in a new light. And whatever it is, I hope he does it soon. I think they could be so good together.

The Hart of Dixie mid-season finale airs Monday, Dec. 5th at 9/8c.

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