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The Good Wife “Parenting Made Easy” Preview 

Photo Credit: CBS

If you’ve been hoping and/or waiting for a showdown between Anna Camp‘s Caitlin D’Arcy and Grace Rex‘s Martha Reed (the law student Alicia wanted to hire in “Martha and Caitlins”) you’re in luck. In “Parenting Made Easy” the first year associates will square off in court. Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter guest stars as Pamela Raker, a professor who believes she was fired illegally for her political views. Caitlin is lead counsel on the case and Martha Reed represents the university. How does Pamela Raker feel about Caitlin being first chair? Her career is in Caitlin’s hands. How would you feel?

Tune in to The Good Wife Sunday at 9/8c on CBS to see how it all plays out.

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