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Tina Talks Turkey: 3 Storylines I Could Do Without 

This holiday season we thought we’d “talk turkey” about some of the things we’re just not feeling. And while Kara talked about three new shows she wasn’t enjoying, I’ve decided to go another route and feature storylines on some of my favorite shows that I could have done without this year.

Dean kills Amy, Supernatural

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW

OK, you guys have to know that I love me some Supernatural more than life itself. I’ve been blogging about this show since Season 1 and I rather cut off an arm than say something that’s not positive. And while I’m enjoying Season 7, there’s something I need to confess. After all is said and done, Dean killing Sam’s childhood pal, Amy, in “The Girl Next Door,” is a storyline I could have done without. There will always be issues between Sam and Dean. Their relationship has been tested and damaged and rebuilt a million times over. When the Soulless Sam storyline was introduced last season, I enjoyed it but I remember thinking I couldn’t believe how much worse things got between the brothers after everything that happened in Season 5. After Season 6 ended, I figured the show would deal with the whole Cas situation and the brothers would reconnect. Dean keeping this a secret from Sam was toxic and it blew up bigger than I ever thought would happen (on the show and off the show). And whether you think Amy’s death was justified or not because of her monster status, it kept the brothers distant. In fact, in the middle of the whole Leviathan mess, there was a physical separation after Sam finally learned what Dean was keeping from him. If they had to go there again, I really wish the show had come up with another way to tackle the brothers’ troubled relationship. And if the show wanted to come up with something for Dean to do while Sam was figuring out how to handle his hellucinations (and yes, Dean definitely needed a storyline), I wish they had come up with something else.

The Declan Dynamic, Revenge

Photo Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

Other than Once Upon a Time, Revenge is my favorite new show of the season. There’s so much that’s right about it that it pains me to point out what I feel is wrong about it. And that all begins and ends with Jack’s younga brudda, Declan. I like Connor Paolo, but on Revenge, I’m just not seeing how his character fits in with the story at hand. If he’s not being revenged on or doing any revenging of his own and if he’s not going to be involved in the main story, what’s his purpose? To be a thorn (pun intended) in the side of the rich folks of the Hamptons?  Declan and Jack haven’t really connected as brothers for me either, although I’m loving Jack something fierce.

Let’s take this week’s “Suspicion.” Declan’s story, once again, just seemed so peripheral to everything else. It was odd to see Victoria Grayson actually deem to talk to Declan at the bar, even if it was just to try to bribe him away from her daughter. Will his story always stay that way? Will it ever connect somehow to the main story eventually? Will Declan ever lose that accent? These are the things I think about when it comes to the younger Porter brother. It’s like he and Charlotte are simply there to try and lure in the younger demographic, which I’m not a part of. But right now I’m either tolerating his scenes or I’m hitting FF.

Officer Lori Weston Woes, Hawaii Five-O

Photo Credit: Norman Shapiro/CBS

In a show’s second season, there are always tweaks and revisions and new cast additions. On Hawaii Five-O, the powers that be gave Kono a much-needed storyline that, unfortunately, took her away from Five-O when she was suspended. Plus, it was revealed that Larisa Oleynik’s character, Jenna Kaye, was secretly in cahoots with Wo Fat. It was a good twist, although I had grown to like her. When Jenna left the group, another woman was cast on the show.

Problem is, I’m not really sure why. I think Officer Lori Weston was brought in to be a love interest for Steve McGarrett. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not seeing much in the way of chemistry between Alex O’Loughlin and Lauren German. I’m not getting what Weston brings to Five-O either. Kono’s been good enough for me and as far as a love interest for Steve, I liked the relaxed relationship he had going with Michelle Borth‘s character. I know Borth went off to work on ABC’s Combat Hospital, but when she recently made an appearance on an episode of H50, I realized I like Steve and Catherine’s laid back chemistry. My opinion could change in the future, but I do feel like I’ve given Lori Weston a shot. It’s been half a season and I’m just not feeling her. Don’t know if I ever will.

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