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We Need to Know: Will Julia and Joel Get Zoe’s Baby on Parenthood? 

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I love this show but sometimes it irks me. Case in point? The way this baby adoption storyline started. After we moved past that hiccup, I have to admit I’ve been enjoying how things are going. I like Julia and Joel, even Sydney but I feel like they’re often relegated to the back burner for Sarah and Adam storylines. I love Peter Krause and Lauren Graham (and all the actors in their “families”) but I’m glad that Julia, Joel, and Sydney got some serious screentime last week in “Sore Loser.” I had no idea they were raising a little monster and I loved how Julia and Joel handled it. I really like their relationship and I’ve definitely been warming up to the idea of them adopting this baby. And I was a pretty big fan of Zoe’s until last night.

Rafi Gavron

You know him (and might hate him) from Life Unexpected. I was really happy to hear Rafi Gavron was being cast as Zoe’s boyfriend Troy. But, of course, we meet him and he’s nothing but trouble. He bails on breakfast with Julia and Joel, much to Zoe’s embarrasment. Joel goes to the convenience store where he works to extend a personal invite to dinner and Troy demands steak. Joel takes it in stride, he’s a laid back guy. Then at the dinner Troy starts making inappropriate demands and claims to be speaking for both himself and Zoe. How can Zoe think this is a good guy? We know she hasn’t made the best choices lately (hence the unplanned pregnancy), but can’t she see this guy’s no good for her? Can’t she see she’s worth more than he thinks she is?

Could Julia and Joel have done anything differently in this situation? I can’t remember the first time Zoe mentioned her boyfriend. I think, at first, I assumed she’d been abandoned by the baby’s father and that certainly would’ve made things easier for Julia and Joel to get her baby. And Zoe signed whatever adoption papers Julia prepared but it sounds like they mean nothing without Troy’s signature too. I know how much Julia and Joel want that baby (and now so does Troy) so I can honestly say I’m sad for them that it’s not working out right now. They rightly refused to even think about paying Zoe for the baby. I didn’t realize that was illegal in California but even if it wasn’t I would’ve wanted them to refuse on principal. And what right does Troy have to say that Zoe’s not getting anything out of this pregnancy? First of all he put her in that situation. Can’t he take responsibility for any of his actions? And secondly, I don’t think anyone’s ever cared about Zoe the way Julia and Joel have. I feel like they’re really trying to look out for her and make her more comfortable during this pregnancy. I think their kindness and thoughtfulness is something new – and maybe even foreign – to Zoe and that kind of breaks my heart.

So I wonder if Julia and Joel will even get this baby. Troy’s an obstacle that I can’t see a way for them to overcome. Zoe knows she’s making bad decisions but if she stays with Troy, how can she make any right ones? What rights, if any, do Julia and Joel have in this situation? Even though this adoption began under such strange circumstances, I do think Zoe’s baby will have a wonderful life if Julia and Joel adopt it. I really hope they get that baby.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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