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Kara Talks Turkey: 3 Shows I’m Not Enjoying 

Our name says it all: we’re TV Goodness. But every once in a while we have to talk about shows we’re not enjoying and why. This holiday season we thought we get into the spirit and “talk turkey” about some of the shows that are not now and will never again be on our DVRs.

I was so excited about the Fall TV season, as I am every year. I do some research, makes lists, and program my DVR like a maniac. I usually give shows at least two episodes before I really make up my mind. Just because I either love or hate the pilot doesn’t ensure I’ll love or hate the series. There are a few shows that really disappointed me this Fall TV season for varying reasons. Let’s explore.

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I know Kat Dennings a little from her film roles and I like her and I find Beth Behrs winning. But the material is just not there for these talented actresses. I don’t find this show funny; I find it insulting and uninspired. I do love the concept of two broke girls starting their own company, but I feel like cupcakes are played out (even though I adore them). What’s the next big thing in food? Didn’t Caroline go to Wharton? Shouldn’t that degree encourage her to look at trends to see where the next big money maker is in food? I think the stereotypes perpetrated by this show are harmful and hurtful. I could say racist even. I love Nick Zano but even he can’t make me watch this show. So for better or worse this show is off my DVR forever.

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Oh, CBS. Why are you disappointing me so much this year with your new shows? I actually really liked the pilot but the second episode changed the direction/tone/focus of this show so drastically (and disastrously) that I couldn’t watch even one more episode. I won’t go as far as to say you’ve ruined Patrick Wilson for me because that would never happen but I feel like this show is holding him back. He’s a talented actor who is now trapped in an uninteresting procedural. The same could be said for the wonderful Margo Martindale. You saw Justified last season right? She’s amazing. I love executive producer Neal Baer so I really don’t know how it all went wrong here. I thought new cast member Eriq La Salle might reel me back in but I can’t bring myself to give this another chance.

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I know the show was canceled but I’m going to have to add a little insult to injury here. What was NBC thinking? The first (huge) problem was the name. It gave me certain expectations. I’ve seen the original and it’s outstanding. I knew the Americanized version would have a challenge translating this great series and they stumbled out of the gate. Actually, they fell down. They turned this into another run-of-the-mill procedural that wasn’t breaking any new ground. They wasted the talents of actors Maria Bello, Kirk Acevedo (maybe he can go back to Fringe now), Brian F. O’Byrne, Kenny Johnson, and Aidan Quinn. I love executive producer Peter Berg but even he couldn’t save this for me. This is one example where I only watched the pilot, and I almost didn’t get through all of that. I heard the show was getting better with every episode but I disliked the pilot so much I couldn’t give it another chance. And, yes, I hated her stupid hat.

What new shows are you done with and why?

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