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TVD Goodness Thursday: Stefan Analysis & Bonnie Update (Spoiler Alert) 

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OK, here’s the thing. The Vampire Diaries is one week into a two-month hiatus. Not cool, right? I hate that we have to be patient through the end of 2011 just to get to new episodes. On the positive side, however, at least said new episodes return in January 2012 and not a more torturous date like sometime in February. Having said that, we still consider every Thursday, TVD Goodness Thursday. We can’t stop analyzing the show. Can you? That’s why we’re going to try to continue to do so through the break. A couple of things on today’s agenda: 1) Stefan and Season 3; and 2) We want to discuss a couple key casting decisions that affect our favorite Mystic Falls witch, Bonnie. Let’s start with why this is a game-changing season for the youngest Salvatore: Game Changer: Stefan Salvatore

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Don’t get me wrong. I have always liked Stefan Salvatore. For the first two seasons, we saw him struggle with his inner true vampire. He wanted to lead as normal life as possible. Even though he was ancient, he went to high school. He fell in love with Elena. He was embarrassed by his (awesomely) obnoxious and deadly brother. But, you see, you can’t outrun your past. You can’t deny what’s inside you forever. When he made that deal to save his brother in the Season 2 finale, all hell broke loose for Stefan and I couldn’t get enough of it. While he was on his bromance trip with Klaus, you could see his humanity slipping away more and more. But something always prevented it from disappearing altogether.

Game-Changing Event: Klaus compels Stefan’s humanity away. After Klaus made sure Stefan’s pesky little humanity wouldn’t be a problem anymore, what we got was an even more badass version of the vamp we knew and loved. I think it totally worked because his inhibitions were gone; he was sarcastic as all hell; and he didn’t care about anyone or anything. I liked that the show went there with Stefan. We got to see him in a whole new light. Some questions remain, however. What will be the consequences of his humanity-free time? Will he ever be able to recapture what he had pre-Klaus? Will he and Elena ever rekindle their romance? Or has she seen too much? Elena’s always had Stefan on this pedestal. They had this great love for the ages. But now that she knows more about what he’s truly capable of, will she ever be able to feel the same for him again? Now that he’s no longer compelled and after he gets his revenge on Klaus, what kind of life will Stefan be able to live? He’s always been someone who feels a tremendous amount of guilt. I wonder if he feels he will have to atone for everything he did while with Klaus.

What I struggle with, as far as this storyline, is the fact that for much of this season, Stefan was separated from his brother. As much as I adore Klaus and his presence on this show, I miss all the brotherly moments, even when they’re not getting along. How much fun would it have been to get to see Damon and Stefan be big bad vamps together? One of my favorite episodes this year was “Ordinary People” because of the Damon/Stefan goodness. We got some quality moments with them. I hope we get more as the season continues next year.

All in all, I’m happy with Stefan’s story for Season 3. Much like Caroline experienced a game-changing event (being turned into a vampire) at the end of Season 1, I think this was that equivalent for Stefan. Having him lose his humanity was a way to breathe fresh life into a character and I bet Paul Wesley loved playing it all out.

Deja View ***WARNING: Spoiler Alert***

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Confession: I still haven’t gotten over the fact Bonnie wasn’t in the first three episodes of Season 3. OK, she was in the premiere but only for about two seconds. Not nearly enough. Here’s something that’ll enable me to forgive the show for the witch’s disappearance: two roles have recently been cast and they both have something to do with an upcoming Bonnie story that will unfold in the 12th episode.

Persia White

Actress: Persia White
TVD Role: The recurring role of Abby Bennett, Bonnie’s mom
Where I’ve Seen Her Before: Persia’s best known for her role on the UPN sitcom, Girlfriends. But even before Girlfriends, she was on a syndicated afternoon teen soap called Breaker High about high school students who went to school on a ship. This semester-at-sea and all it’s drama also starred Tyler Labine and Ryan Gosling. I loved this show.
TVD Thoughts: First reaction to her casting: Awesome. I think Persia’s great. Second reaction to her casting: What? She looks like she can be Kat Graham’s big sister not her mom. I’m going to pretend that Bonnie’s mom had her when she was 16 years old. Third reaction: Oh yeah, Bonnie’s grandmother is played by the very young-looking Jasmine Guy so the Persia casting makes sense. Only on the CW.

Robert Ri'chard

Actor: Robert Ri’chard
TVD Role: Jamie, a bit of a bad boy, who may have a connection to Bonnie’s mom
Where I’ve Seen Him Before: He was Wallace’s friend Mason on Veronica Mars but I know him best from the UPN sitcom One on One and a Season 6 episode of NCIS called “South by Southwest.” He was also in the big screen horror flick House of Wax.
TVD Thoughts: Well, Bonnie just lost out to a ghost (Boo, Jeremy!) so I’m all for her getting a love interest sooner rather than later. I had visions of Bonnie and Matt since they’d been spending so much time together this season but I’m willing to entertain other distractions like Jamie.

The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes Thursday January 5, 2012 at 8/7c on the CW.

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