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Moment of Goodness

Happy Endings’ Moment of Goodness: Dave’s Tight Curl Perm “The Code War” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Dave had to go and break the bro code, and the results are hilarious. When Angie, Max’s high school girlfriend, moves back to Chicago he feels honor bound to help her out since he broke her heart in high school. Or, that’s what he tells the gang. Penny is overly friendly, but secretly hates her. Sure she knows Max is gay and she shouldn’t be jealous, but she was his college girlfriend and that was a big deal. Max invokes the bro code with Dave after he sees him and Angie hitting it off. Dave doesn’t believe it should be in effect considering Max is gay so he ignores him. Then all bets are off. They start breaking all sorts of codes (the health code, the dress code, the wingman code, building codes) which leads to Max inventing a hair code so he can break it.

Photo Credit: ABC

My moment of goodness is the reveal of Dave’s new tight-curl perm, but perhaps even funnier than the visual gag of Dave’s hair is everyone reacting to it. Of course Max is happily delighted that he was able to give Dave the perm in his sleep. And then Penny and Alex, and later Angie see it.

Penny: “You look like Keri Russell after she ruined Felicity.”

Alex: “You look like John McEnroe’s sister.”

Max: “You look like a huge lesbian.”

Angie: “Oh my God your hair. You look like a Jonas uncle.”

And then Dave learns the true story of Max and Angie. She knew he was gay so she broke up with him. When Dave goes to confront Max, Brad and Jane see his hair for the first time. I love that they both scream.

Jane: “Temple Grandin.”

Brad: “It’s Pat.” And he makes the Pat noise!

So it comes out that Max was in love with Angie in his head and his heart (but not his penis). Dave realizes the code isn’t about sex, but about love. So Angie’s off limits and Penny can stop being jealous. I wouldn’t take it as a compliment if Max called me his first gay relationship, but I love that Penny does.

Happy Endings airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c.

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