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Asking For Trouble: Juliet is Trading Drug Problems for Boy Problems on Ringer 

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/The CW

If you’ve watched even one episode of Ringer, you know that Juliet is a bit of a problem child. Ok, she’s a serious handful who requires constant attention. But it’s been nice to see her evolution from a spoiled, bratty teen into a slightly less spoiled, bratty teen. She’s got a long way to go but I was moved when she attempted to comfort Siobhan after her miscarriage in “Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead.” I’m less moved by her actions with her teacher. I see so many problems looming and yet I want to see where this goes.

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/The CW

A lot of that probably has to do with Jason Dohring‘s Mr. Carpenter. I am now and will always be a diehard Veronica Mars fan. My affection for him and that show has no bounds so I was very excited to hear he’d have an arc on Ringer. First, I need to be shallow and say he’s never looked so good. Second, I need to say I like how his relationship with Juliet is developing. He’s been the one adult in Juliet’s life who has seen the good in her. Of course, she’s new to his school so there’s no need for him to be wary when he first meets her. I really like that Juliet was comfortable enough with him to call him after she got into a car accident in “Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?” I’m glad she felt she could trust him, especially when she knew how her father would react.

In “Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead,” Juliet felt comfortable enough to ask Mr. Carpenter on a date. Ok, that’s too comfortable. He did the right thing by transferring her out of his class but that Juliet is a crafty one. Now she’s joined a club to be close to him. I want to tell Juliet to tread carefully. She’s young and he’s hot, so I get it but I don’t want her to put his reputation and career in jeopardy. Of course, part of me also wants to see what happens next. I mean, this is a soap opera and things wouldn’t be that interesting if Juliet was a normal girl. So, I guess I’ll just hang on for the ride and see if Juliet gets what she think she wants from Mr. Carpenter.

Ringer airs Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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