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Meet the New Squintern on Bones: Luke Kleintank’s Finn Abernathy 

Photo Credit: Fox

Warning: Slight spoilers discussed.

Brace yourself for someone completely unexpected and refreshing. I thought it would be almost impossible for Cam to replace Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray with someone new. I was prepared to resist a new squintern because I was so affected by his death in “The Hole in the Heart.” I mean, I cried. But being the practical people we’ve come to know and love at the Jeffersonian, it was just a matter or time before a new squintern showed up there. And I have to say I love that they’ve gone so far outside the box on this one.

I’m not familiar with Luke Kleintank but you may know him from No Ordinary Family, The Young and the Restless, or Gossip Girl. And I would venture that Finn is a very different character than you thought you’d meet on this show – in a few ways. By the end of the episode you’ll know the answers to some or all of the following questions:

1. Why is Brennan displeased with Finn before the end of his first day?

2. How has Hodgins marked his territory and is he still king of the lab?

3. Is Cam putting everyone at the Jeffersonian in danger by employing Finn?

4. How does Angela contribute to making Finn feel unwelcome?

5. What does Booth think of the new squintern?

Although my questions are very serious “The Hot Dog in the Competition” is a great episode. There are a lot of funny moments between Booth and Brennan and despite Finn’s somewhat rocky start, he is a very interesting character. I liked this episode even more than I liked the premiere. I hope you’ll tune in.

Bones airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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