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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Person of Interest “Witness,” Burn Notice “Damned If You Do,” and Grimm “Bears Will be Bears” 

Last week there were a couple of double headers on a few of my favorite TV shows; and by that I mean two great guest stars on each of the following shows:

Enrico Colantoni. Photo Credit: CBS
Enver Gjokaj

Over on Thursday’s episode of Person of Interest, actors Enrico Colantoni and Enver Gjokaj appeared as a high school teacher who turned out to be more than he seemed and a member of the Russian mob respectively. Most TV viewers know Enrico best for his roles on Veronica Mars and Just Shoot Me while Enver was a regular on Dollhouse and guest starred on Lie to Me, Chase, and Community.

Carla Gallo
Ian Anthony Dale

That same night over on the return of Burn Notice, actress Carla Gallo appeared as the girlfriend of a computer genius who Michael was ordered to track down and actor Ian Anthony Dale appeared as a drug dealer who was on the hunt for the computer genius. Carla is best known for her recurring role on Bones but she has also appeared on Men of a Certain Age and Californication. TV viewers will recognize Ian from his role on the short-lived shows The Event, Daybreak, and Surface. He also appeared in episodes of Charmed, Criminal Minds, 24, and Bones.

Amy Gumenick
Currie Graham. Photo Credit: NBC

Then over on the new NBC series Grimm actress Amy Gumenick appeared as Gilda, the modern-day-like Goldilocks who was hunted down a family bearing a remarkable likeness to the Three Bears. The father of the family of the Three Bears was portrayed by actor Currie Graham. For viewers of Supernatural, Amy is known as the younger version of Sam and Dean’s mother, but she has also appeared in the short-lived series My Own Worst Enemy and the two made-for-TV movies based on Natalee Holloway’s life.  Currie, on the other hand, has a long resume of TV roles including appearances on Men in Trees, Desperate Housewives, Raising the Bar, and Boston Legal.

Where they any double header appearances that you noticed on your favorite TV shows this past week?  Please share.

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