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It’s Complicated: The Sarah/Seth/Mark Triangle on Parenthood 

Photo Credit: NBC

I don’t know if I can call this a full fledged triangle yet but we’re definitely getting there. Or maybe it already is a triangle but Sarah’s just not willing to admit that to herself. Hell, I just watched “Forced Family Fun” and I still don’t want to admit it to myself. But Sarah has a connection with Seth that’s undeniable. He is the father of her children. She was married to him for a long time. Maybe enough time has passed that she’s ready to forgive him, but I don’t think she should let him back into her heart. For one thing, she’s in love with Mark and I think he’s been such a positive influence on her. He helped her with her writing even when she wasn’t taking her stuff seriously and helped her achieve some minor success. He’s been extremely supportive and understanding about her role in Seth’s recovery. I’m just so afraid she’s gonna screw it up with Mark, because that’s kind of what she does. I think she sabotages her relationships because she doesn’t think she deserves love.

Photo Credit: NBC

And the person who made Sarah think she doesn’t deserve love? You’re looking at him. Granted, we don’t know all the details of Sarah’s marriage to Seth. We do know he’s an addict. He know he’s let his ex-wife and their children down numerous times, so many times that Amber and Drew aren’t even ready to face their father yet. And the road to recovery is long and hard. Even though he really wants to be clean this time, Seth might do something to screw it up. I wish him the best but I also wish he’d leave Sarah alone.

And her family sees what’s going on and they’re concerned. Zeek usually doesn’t go about things the right way – especially when it comes to Sarah – but his heart’s in the right place. But he should know by now that if he tells Sarah not to do something, she’s going to want to do it more. At heart, I think she’s still a rebellious kid. And I think Zeek knows that so he’s trying to back of a bit and let her make her own choices. But Adam’s concerned too and that truly does worry me. Seth needs a lot of support right now but Sarah needs to get on with her life. She can’t be there for Seth all the time, especially if she’s putting her relationships with her kids and Mark at risk.

Who do you think Sarah belongs with? Is Mark good for her? Right for her? Despite everything, is Seth the one? I can’t forgive Seth and I don’t even know everything he’s done.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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