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We Need to Know: Will Caitlin Cause Trouble for Will and Alicia on The Good Wife? 

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Anna Camp‘s Caitlin D’Arcy is turning out to be so much different than I expected, in both good and bad ways. When David Lee went over Alicia’s head to hire Caitlin instead of Martha, I thought this was going to be a showdown. I thought Alicia might try and make Caitlin regret coming to work at Lockhart Gardner as a way to show her displeasure. I don’t really think Alicia’s that type of person but she had every right to be upset, especially since she was led to believe the hiring decision would be hers. And she found out Will sided with David Lee behind her back, which was disappointing. I have to admit Caitlin has surprised me and I think she’s surprised Alicia too. But I see dark clouds coming because Caitlin’s clearly interested in Will. Maybe she’s just looking for a partner to mentor her but I think it’s more. So I’m wondering what Caitlin’s impact on Will and Alicia will be.

Caitlin does have a bit of history with Will. He was the judge on her intercollegiate moot court. He was removed because Will became romantically involved with one of the law students. The speed with which Will changes the subject leads me to believe Alicia has no knowledge of it, or maybe he just doesn’t want to remind her of it. Caitlin seems interested in Will for more than just his legal expertise and experience and she’s got proof that he’s interested in younger women. Even after Alicia told Caitlin to come to her with questions, Caitlin couldn’t stop herself from approaching Will. She even waited until the end of the day – in a seemingly empty office – to seek him out. This situation has disaster written all over it. Caitlin is putting both Will and the law firm in a tricky position. If she does want something more than a mentor she’s going to make Will tell her he’s not interested, which can have several trickle down effects. What if David Lee finds out about this? He won’t be happy his niece is caught up in something like this and I think he’ll blame Will before he blames his own family.

What will this do to Alicia? I think she feels pretty confident in her relationship with Will but I also think they’re lying to themselves and each other. Even though they’re trying to keep things casual and play it cool, they are both in deeper then they think they are. Will accidentally told Alicia he loved her. I love how they both tried to downplay that. Alicia is trying to convince herself this thing with Will isn’t serious, and for her, I don’t think it is. As least, I don’t think it’s as serious for Alicia as it is for Will. Will offered to meet her kids which is a huge step and Alicia had no interest in that. It’s probably only a matter or time before one of them wants something more and I’ve got a feeling that person will be Will. I think they’re both enjoying the novelty of the relationship and I think things are very exciting right now. But with every passing day things get more complicated. They have so much to lose if this affair is exposed. Alicia is still married and Will’s a name partner at the firm. I can’t help thinking Caitlin will be involved in exposing Will and Alicia’s relationship – maybe innocently, maybe maliciously. I hope I’m wrong but, as I said before: I really do think Caitlin is trouble.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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