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We Need to Know: Why did Lanie and Esposito have to break up on Castle? 

There’s a lot to love on Castle this season. However, one thing I’m not on board with is how Lanie and Esposito broke up. Even though the break-up happened in “Demons,” I’m still upset about it.
I get that the dreaded marriage question reared its ugly head at an inopportune time. Esplainie hadn’t been going out all that long. But when a loaded question like that gets dropped like a bomb into the conversation out of nowhere, the result can be devastating. In this instance, it was deadly, because it forced the medical examiner and the detective to prematurely assess their relationship. And I guess they realized they weren’t ready for talk like that. That maybe things were getting a little too serious. So they cooled things down considerably.

Here’s the thing: this would have all been more acceptable if we’d been seeing this couple as a couple. But we really hadn’t. There was that episode where they were in bed when the audience found out they were seeing each other. Then there was the episode when Kate, Castle and Ryan figured it out. But other than that, there hasn’t been much. This season, there certainly wasn’t any quality time with Lanie and Esposito until we got the disastrous double date with Detective Ryan and his fiancee. I love these two together but the show hasn’t given us a chance to see their relationship develop. They were going out but we had to assume everything was still going well and then all of a sudden they’re over.

How does the show expect us to care whether this couple is together or not? I don’t think relationship drama needs to take front and center at all, but this wasn’t a fully developed union. So, how are we suppose to care if they broke up? Obviously I do because I’m writing about it. I guess I had high hopes for a Lanie and Esposito romance and the show barely gave us anything before tearing them apart. I hope they do get back together someday and the show makes a big deal about it. They deserve that.

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  1. Nikki F

    It is 2022 and I am still upset about Lanie and Esposito’s break up. The writers ruined a good thing. They could have gone a different route.

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