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Moment of Goodness

New Girl’s Moment of Goodness: The Peen Talk “Naked” 

Photo Credit: Fox

I really missed this show. I forgot how funny and touching and strange it could be during its forced absence due to baseball. Now that it’s back, I’m in a happier place. You know why? Because I can’t stop laughing. There were a few amazeballs (get it?) moments from “Naked,” but my favorite has to be the extremely awkward exchange between Nick and Jess after she sees his package. And scream laughs at him.

Photo Credit: Fox

If you need a refresher:

“Oh, Nick. Hey. So that was weird, right?”

“I’m running out the door Jess.”

“I think we should talk about it.” 

“Talk about what?”

“About me seeing…your peen.”

Crickets. Schmidt and Winston are stunned.

“The peen what I saw. Bonjour le peen.” 

“You’re blocking the door.”

“Ok. Cool. Have fun on your date.”

Aside to Nick

“Tell that guy to behave.”

Addressing the peen directly

“The adventure begins.”

The words can’t really do it justice unless you see the actions as well. Comic Genius. I laughed so hard and had to watch it a few times. But what made me love this scene so much was Jess being Jess. I love her awkwardness. I love that she cannot say penis. I love that she ends up talking directly to it at the end of this little exchange. And Nick is so funny too. I love that he, like a typical guy, has absolutely no desire to talk about the earlier incident. The fact that he’d doing what he can to get away from Jess while also trying not to talk about it, makes it so funny. So, so funny.  

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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