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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You (Week of 10/23) 

So many guest stars so little time.  This past week was filled with so much guest star goodness on my favorite TV shows that it was almost hard to believe.

Rick Worthy

Sunday night saw the two-hour finale of the new Lifetime police drama Against the Wall with three great guest stars. In the first hour, actor Rick Worthy appeared as the father of a police academy recruit who reported to Internal Affairs that hazing was happening there.

Rick is probably best known for his recurring role on Battlestar Galactica, but he’s also appeared in Supernatural, Heroes, and CSI as well as in the made-for-TV movie Fallen alongside Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries.

Mitch Pileggi
Kathleen Munroe

In the second hour, actor Mitch Pileggi and actress Kathleen Munroe starred in an episode about the shooting of a police officer’s wife that is believed to have been perpetuated by her husband. Mitch played the husband accused of the shooting. He is, of course, best known for his role on The X-Files, but he has also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, Medium, Sons of Anarchy, and Stargate Atlantis. Meanwhile, Kathleen appeared as the daughter of the victim and the accused. She has guest starred in episodes of the short-lived series Beautiful People as well as Stargate Universe, Haven, and CSI: NY.

Keegan Connor Tracy

That same night over on the debut episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, actor Warren Christie appeared as the guy who skipped bail and had to be tracked down by Emma; and, actress Keegan Connor Tracy who appeared as the Blue Fairy. TV viewers will remember Warren from his current role on the Syfy series Alphas as well as October Road and the short-lived series Happy Town. Meanwhile Keegan has appeared in episodes of Eureka, V, Life Unexpected, Battlestar Galactica, and the short-lived series Jake 2.0 (which starred Covert Affairs star Christopher Gorham).

Linda Purl

Over on Sunday night’s episode of Homeland, actress Linda Purl starred as an advisor to the Vice President who was interested in Brody’s progress. Linda starred in the popular 80’s series Matlock, was Fonzie’s girlfriend in the latter days of the classic series Happy Days. More recently she has appeared in episodes of The Office, Lie to Me, Bones, and Criminal Minds.

Fredric Lehne

On the Halloween episode of Castle, actor Fredric Lehne appeared as a cop who investigated a murder that took place at a presumed haunted house. He is best known for his recurring roles on Lost, Supernatural, and Big Love.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

CBS had legendary Charlie’s Angels star Cheryl Ladd on the Tuesday episode of NCIS, starring as a doctor who was dating Dr. Mallard; but she turned out to be a sadistic murderer. Besides her role on the classic 1970’s series, Cheryl has also appeared in the TV series One West Waikiki and Las Vegas.

Scott Paulin
Robin Thomas

Later that night on NCIS: Los Angeles, actors Scott Paulin and Robin Thomas appeared as a former NSA agent with ties to Hetty and a big oil company leader respectively. TV viewers will recognize Scott for his role as Kate Beckett’s dad on Castle as well as starring in episodes of Lost, Ghost Whisperer, JAG, and 24. On the other hand, Robin appeared as Baze’s dad on Life Unexpected and has had roles in Switched at Birth, Bones, Castle, and Desperate Housewives.

Kristy Swanson. Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network
Corey Feldman. Photo Credit: USA Network
Tom Lenk

Wednesday night found a trio of interesting guest stars on the latest episode of Psych on the USA Network. Actress Kristy Swanson appeared as a woman who captured Lassie’s heart while actors Corey Feldman and Tom Lenk made cameos as a bartender at a vampire bar and a roommate of Kristy’s character respectively. Kristy is best known for her role in the Joss Whedon film Buffy, the Vampire Slayer as well as episodes of Early Edition. Movie goers know Corey from the classic films The Lost Boys, Goonies, Gremlins, and Stand By Me. TV viewers will know Tom from his recurring role on the TV version of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer but he has also appeared in episodes of House, Six Feet Under, Samantha Who, and Eli Stone.

On Thursday night, it was a trifecta on the new CBS series Person of Interest with actress Paige Turco and actors Tim Guinee and Dan Hedaya guest starring. Paige appeared as a “fixer” who Reese and Finch were trying to protect while Tim was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company while Dan was a retired detective.

Photo Credit: John P. Filo/CBS

Paige has appeared in episodes of NYPD Blue, Party of Five, The Agency, Rescue Me, and Damages.

Tim Guinee

Tim has been seen in countless TV shows such as The Good Wife, Stargate SG-1, 24, and Lie to Me.

Dan Heydaya

Dan is best known for his role as Cher’s dad in the box office movie Clueless and has appeared in episodes of Hill Street Blues, Law & Order, Yes Dear, and Judging Amy.

Martin Cummins

It was a big night for the Syfy series Sanctuary as actors Carlo Rota, Martin Cummins, and Sage Brocklebank and actress Sandrine Holt all guest starred on the Friday night episode. Each of them were trapped at the same airport as Helen Magnus with Martin playing a CIA agent, Sage as a Canadian photographer, Sandrine as scientific researcher and Carlo as a Russian wrestling promoter.

Sage Brocklebank
Sandrine Holt

Carlo is best known for his recurring role on 24 as well as episodes of Stargate Universe, Queer As Folk, and La Femme Nikita. TV viewers will recognize Martin from his role on Dark Angel as well as Kyle XY, V, and Smallville. Sage is best known for his recurring role on Psych as well as guest appearances on Smallville, The 4400, Falcon Beach, and Stargate: SG-1. Sandrine has appeared in episodes of The L Word, 24, and Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

That same night over on The CW actor David Keith appeared as the presumed birth father of Nikita who turned out to be a Division agent. David appeared in the classic films An Officer and a Gentleman and Firestarter and has recently appeared in episodes of Hawaii Five-0, Chase, and the short-lived series Lone Star.

Kevin R. McNally
Michael Hogan

Meanwhile, actors Kevin R. McNally and Michael Hogan guest starred on Supernatural as a contact of Bobby’s who helped Sam and Dean with new ID’s while Michael was the small town sheriff killed by one of the Leviathan. While Kevin is best known for his roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, he has also appeared in episodes of Doctor Who. Michael is best known for his role on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica and has also appeared on Warehouse 13 and The L Word.

As I said, it was a busy week with really interesting guest stars; and with November sweeps starting next week it will be even more intriguing to see who will show up on my favorite shows. Who did you see this week on your favorite shows? Please share.

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