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American Horror Story “Halloween, Part 2” Preview 

Week after week I find myself being drawn deeper into this dark horror story. I’ve never watched a show like this so I think part of the reason I find it so interesting is because it’s so different. I don’t necessarily understand the motivations of these characters (heck, sometimes I don’t even understand what’s going on), I don’t understand what it’s like to live in a place like murder house (thank God), and I don’t understand why this house drives people to madness. There are a few things I learned in this episode that I wanted to share now so you can ruminate on them until you see the episode for yourself.

Photo Credit: Robert Zuckerman/FX

We know something isn’t right about Tate. What’s wrong with him? Why is he so fascinated by the house and Violet? Where are his parents? Why don’t we know more about him?  How old is he? “Halloween, Part 2” will answer a few of those questions.

Photo Credit: Robert Zuckerman/FX

Vivien is smarter than people give her credit for and she’s got a lot in her past we don’t know about. We’ll learn a little about her life before Ben and Violet.

Photo Credit: Robert Zuckerman/FX

We knew it was only a matter or time before his lies caught up to him but I didn’t think it would be this fast. Ben has a very unlikely ally in the house and that person helps him with Hayden.

Photo Credit: Robert Zuckerman/FX


I don’t quite understand where this character is going but we find out what at least one of murder house’s ghosts think about Larry. I’ll just say he’d better watch his back with his one good eye.

Check back here (if you want) after you watch the episode and let me know what you think. Are you enjoying the ride? Who do you want to know more about and why? What do you think about that house and its ghosts?

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10/9 c on FX.

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