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Top 3 Ghostly Returns, The Vampire Diaries “Ghost World” 

Warning: If you haven’t watched “Ghost World” then major spoilers ahead

Ghosts have been running rampant around Mystic Falls as of late. They’ve all been characters we’ve met before. Three in particular were welcome presences. Sorry Vicky. Sorry Anna. Those three otherworldly forms I really enjoyed seeing more than anyone else appeared in “Ghost World.” And we should all be thankful they did. Let’s kick off the mini-countdown with the number three favorite return:

Photo Credit: The CW

#3: Grandma Bennett. I always hate referring to Jasmine Guy as grandma because I really don’t think of her as one. She’ll always be Whitley Gilbert from A Different World to me. However, I loved seeing Sheila back and supporting Bonnie. She, as usual, had to explain how things are and need to be to her granddaughter:

  • That old witch took advantage of Bonnie bringing Jeremy back from the dead.
  • The old witch is giving a free pass to anyone else that has unfinished business.
  • She also warned Bonnie not to get in the middle of Original Vampire business. You think she’s going to listen? If it involves saving Elena or the town she won’t.
  • Sheila knows Bonnie needs to close the door so ghosts won’t be able to cross over again.

Grandma Bennett held Bonnie’s hand while she performed the spell that would rid the world of the ghosts that had found a way to walk the earth. Loved that it was Sheila who stood by Bonnie. And not the guy that just cheated on her with a ghost. It was nice to see Guy and Kat Graham share scenes again. I was always really sad the show killed Sheila off — I thought it was too soon. But I guess it had to happen so Bonnie could realize her full witchy self. I don’t know if the news about all these returns were in spoilers but I haven’t really been paying attention to them. So I was pleasantly stunned at the returns in “Ghost World.” Love when that happens since it so rarely does.

Photo Credit: The CW

#2: Mason Lockwood. First he gave Damon a little payback then the late werewolf struck up a bit of a bromance with the vampire. He almost made me forget about my love for another TVD bromance; namely, Damon and Alaric. What? I said almost. Ultimately, Mason hurt then tried to help Damon find a way to eliminate Klaus from their lives. What was on that wall? We’ll figure things out in the next episode. But:

  • How hot did Taylor Kinney look as Uncle Mason? Like seriously, spectacularly hot.
  • I loved his mindset. Mason wasn’t out for revenge. Well, not too much revenge. He did get a couple of shots in on Damon but Damon kind of deserved it. After all, he did kill the werewolf. In the end, he led Damon to a place that could prove useful. He wants to make sure nothing (more) happens to Tyler. Love how he’s thinking about his nephew. Finding a weapon that could kill Klaus would do it.
  • Mason did want an apology. He deserved one. And he got one. I’m with Mason. Damon’s apology was “good enough.”
  • Mason also helped pave the way for a Damon and Alaric reconciliation. Who knew bringing Damon down to that cave looking for something to bring down Klaus would cause the two former allies to reconcile? Thanks Mason!

It was great seeing Uncle Werewolf Mason Lockwood. Wish he’d come back for another visit. It kind of breaks my heart Damon ripped his heart out. I wish Mason would come back on a more permanent basis.

Photo Credit: The CW

#1: Lexi. I’ve always liked Stefan’s longtime best friend Lexi. But this time around my like for the (now dead) vampire multiplied big time. She shows up all ghost-like in Mystic Falls. Knows what’s going on with Stefan. And she immediately wants to do something about it.

  • She gives Stefan a healthy dose of tough love as she does what she can to lure the Salvatore’s humanity out from hiding.
  • My favorite moment between the pals? When Lexi slammed Stefan’s head on the window of the car door. It was a badass move taken by a badass chick. Seriously, that may have been my Moment of Goodness for the entire episode.
  • She really tried to break through to find the Stefan that she knew and loved when she was undead. Now that she’s dead I love how she’d still try to do what’s best for her BFF.

If Lexi had had more time she so could have saved the day and gotten their Stefan back. She’s done it before, right? Arielle Kebbel was pretty great in “Ghost World.” She’s definitely one of the shining lights of this week’s episode. Anytime The Vampire Diaries Powers that Be want to bring Lexi back into the equation is fine with me.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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