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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from NCIS “Safe Harbor” 

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Episode: “Safe Harbor”
Writers: Reed Steiner and Christopher J. Waild

  • “Kept that in your desk, Boss?” “Oh yeah. You waste not you want not.”
  • “A new playmate for Gibbs?” “What? Borin and Gibbs? “Ah, yeah. No, not so sure. They’re too similar.” “Just means they have a lot in common.”
  • “You got a look at the shooter?” (Gibbs and Borin talking at the same time)
  • “I think Gibbs and Borin would make a great couple. Just think of all the fun they’d have giving each other head slaps.” “Head slaps aren’t very romantic, Tony.” “Well they can be. In the right context.”
  • “So nobody’s with me on Team Bibbs?” “No.” “We can change the name.” “Why don’t you change the subject, Dinozzo.” “At least let him grill you a steak in his fireplace while watching black & white television. He’s more charming than you think.”
  • “You know what? I do have a list of girlfriends that might make good candidates.” “They can’t just be good.” “Don’t worry. They can be bad.”
  • “You having page envy, Tony?” “Let’s not get into a measuring contest Mc-HuntandPeck.”
  • “Wow, tall.” “6-foot-6. She come with her own beanstalk?”
  • “How’s Operation G-Date, going?”
  • “Borin, do you have any normal friends?” “Turn the page, Dinozzo. Plenty of babes in those woods. Just detect.”
  • “Welcome to the disenchanted forest, Gibbs.” “What do you got, Abs?” “Um…like the grossest clue chain ever.” “Yeah, which is?” “Poop.”
  • “I personally examined every sample. You’re welcome.” “Thank you.”
  • “She’s an ordained New Age High Priestess.” “Explains the time share in Sedona.”
  • “You want to see intimidation, bitch?!”
  • “Found more ye of little algorithmic faith.” “Duly chastised. Hit me, Timmy.”
  • “Signal on the ship is wonky.”
  • “You find your Gibbs girl yet?”
  • “Tony, don’t take this the wrong way but you smell like the hot cheerleader in my high school homeroom.” “Is that White Diamond, Dinozzo?”
  • “Bend over, Dinozzo.”
  • “Well, that’s really on there.”
Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS
  • “Special Agents Borin and Dinozzo. Please stop doing whatever it is you’re doing.” “We’re just — eh — re-examining that very special bond between the Navy and the Coast Guard, sir.”
  • “Smug son of a bitch. Space Invader. It’s a nice move, I’m going to use that.”
  • “I’m not your family. So don’t lie to me.”
  • “That’s not laundry detergent. Tony, take your pants off.” “What?” “Just take your pants off. Now!”
  • All right. Easy now. Let’s keep it professional, people. Move along. That girl’s always looking at me.”
  • “Think you can get it out?” “Yup.” “Maybe I should have been more specific.”
  • “I’ll explain later, I hope.” “Abby’ll explain later, she hopes.”
  • “Dinozzo, put your pants on.”
  • “Of course. Fight Club. Fincher. Hit. Soap. Stuff blows up.”
  • “You can always come to me as a friend, Clayton.” “No need.”
  • “Is it possible we’ve done something right for Gibbs? What if it upsets the space-time continuum and sends the Earth hurtling toward the sun?”
  • “There’s nothing more boring than perfect.”
  • “Your team thinks you’re lonely. So…are you lonely, Gibbs?” “Nope.”
  • “Are you lonely, Gibbs?” “You’re never alone when you have kids.”

NCIS airs Tuesdays on CBS at 8/7c.

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