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Moment of Goodness

Parenthood’s Moment of Goodness: Adam Braverman Hips it Up “Nora” 

Peter Krause

For any of you who missed “Nora,” I wish there was a picture to show you just how awful Adam Braverman looks when he tries to hip things up. The photo above illustrates how great he can look and it’s the exact opposite of how he looked at various points (but mostly at the end) in this episode. We all know Adam is a bit of a square, but that is exactly what Crosby needs in a partner. The problem is Adam can come off as a bit uptight so when Crosby takes him to meet an artist they want to sign, Crosby needs Adam to look a bit cooler. Too bad Adam has no idea what being (or looking) cool is all about. When he came out of the store in his “hip” clothes? I laughed loud and long. This could technically qualify as a rewind and repeat, but since I didn’t do that it’s gotta be my moment of goodness.

There was just so much that was so wrong about his horrible outfit. First: white jeans that hung low. He’s a family man in his 40s. He just can’t pull that off. Second: the red baseball cap pulled down at an angle. That look barely works on anyone, and he definitely can’t pull it off. Third: all those gold chains around his neck. I love when he realizes one of the necklaces is a bulldog. Fourth: the color scheme. Black, white, and red? Fifth: Those red high tops. They were super shiny weren’t they? A major no. I could go on and on. What I will say is that sales person knew exactly what to say to Adam to get him to a) buy that horrendous outfit and b) walk out of the store in it. Genius.

So after the horror of that outfit, it’s time to see people react to it and people do. First, I love that I love that  Adam doesn’t even realize how ridiculous he looks until he gets to his car. Maybe the fact that every single person who watched Adam walk to his car did a double take should’ve alerted him to a problem. Maybe it’s finally seeing himself in the reflection of his car. Whatever brings him to his senses, you think it might be ok because Crosby is going to bring him a change of clothes. Too bad Crosby’s busy at the hospital with Kristina. The final moments of goodness happen when Mista Ray and his posse pull up to the house to see Adam in his getup. I love how they look at him and make fun of him. I have to say I usually love this show for its dramatic and/or wrenching moments but in “Nora” I loved it for it’s hilarity.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10/9 c on NBC.

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