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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Supernatural “The Girl Next Door” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Episode: “The Girl Next Door”
Writers: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin

  • “Why are you on the floor?” “They gave me morphine. A lot.”
  • “Hey look, a monster broke my leg.”
  • “Wait. Where? Bobby, I’m a gimp!”
  • “Come on, Dean…Balls!”
  • “Dude. Ricardo.” “What happened?” “Suicidio.” “Adios, ese.”
  • “My baby…”
  • “Hey uh two legs. We’re fresh out of grub. You want to make a run?”
  • “And uh Sam…” “Yeah.” “Pie.” “Obviously.”
  • “Before you bail again — girl interrupted over there — any thoughts?”
  • “Now today, we need intel. I’m going. You sit there and stew. I’ll check in.”
  • “Where’s the pie?”
  • “There’s no date like a 3-D ride to hell. My. Bloodiest. Valentine.”
  • “Other shoe!”
  • “He left me here like Jimmy freakin’ Stewart.”
  • “And he took my car!” “Don’t panic.” “Too late!”
  • “You goin’ down.”
  • “Did you find anything weird about the brains?” “Like what?” “Like…missing.”
  • “Was there a big guy in here yesterday?” “That’s specific.” “I mean big like about yay high?”
  • “How’d you know that?” “Educated guess.”
  • “I said you stab it in the heart!!!!!!”
  • “Oh, Dean. Quick question. How do you talk to girls?”
  • “No. Go away.”
  • “Hi, Amy.”
  • “You got tall, huh?”
  • “So are you going to tell me?” “What?” “How you kicked the crap out of those guys. I mean — no offense — but you’re kind of…” “Wiry.” “Exactly. So…” “Just watch a lot of Bruce Lee movies.”
  • “It’s a cool song. My dad doesn’t listen to anything recorded after 1979.”
  • “Sam, you are a freak. But so is — I don’t know — Jimi Hendrix. Picasso. So am I. All the coolest people are freaks.”
  • “Amy Pond, huh? Cute name.”
  • “My dad does too. You don’t want to see him when he’s drinking.”
  • “I’ve been around enough bad to know good when I see it.”
  • “Drop the knife and I’ll show you.” “Show me and I’ll drop the knife.”
  • “I’m a mortician. I know. Not sexy but you know — health benefits.”
  • “Awesome first date, huh?”
  • (Punch) “Howdy, Sam.”
  • “New rule. You steal my baby, you get punched.”
  • “But people. They are who they are. No matter how hard you try. You are what you are. You will kill again.” “I won’t. I swear.” “Trust me, I’m an expert. Maybe in a year. Maybe ten. But, eventually, the other shoe will drop. It always does.” (Dean kills Amy) “I’m sorry.”
  • “You ever kill anyone? Well, if you do I’ll come back for you.” “The only person I’m going to kill is you.” “Well, look me up in a few years…assuming I live that long.”
  • “Just grabbing a bite first. Do you know what I find? Plain old people taste fine but everything is better with cheese.”

Supernatural airs Fridays at 9/8c on the CW.

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