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Relationship Recap: Nikita and Michael, Nikita “Knightfall” 

Photo Credit: The CW

I came to Nikita late last season because it was a bit over the top with the violence while it searched for a tone, but I followed its press so I always sort of knew what was going on with the show. When it looked like they were going to pull the trigger early on Nikita and Michael getting together, I was all over it. I like my Shane West when he’s not playing a scary mean guy, which is how Michael was written for most of last season. He was hugely pissed off and the whole performance was about vengeance and rage, i.e. not a good time.

When they got together at the end of “Covenant,” it was seriously hot TV. The whole episode was an emotional look at what they’d meant to each other before and what they mean to each other now, and Michael realized Nikita had been right all along. As the season wound down, they were secretly together but still in a bit of a panic mode about being discovered and getting Michael out of Division. When the season wrapped, they were free, but the show wasn’t yet renewed so we didn’t know if we’d get to see them again.

Although the Division stuff is still quite dark, this season so far just feels light years different in tone, I think because Michael and Nikita are together. Really together. LOVE it. It’s considerably lightened up how West plays Michael (don’t even get me started on the longer hair) and Maggie Q. plays Nikita. They seem to be having a ball. It’s nice to see the characters be happy without diminishing that they are both still seriously dangerous people who could kill you with a spoon.

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

In last night’s episode, there was just a magical scene where Nikita broke down as it finally hit her that she might not actually get to Michael in time. When Ramon tells her that she may get herself killed trying to save Michael, she tells him, “I’m dead without him.” We know Michael’s not going anywhere, but she didn’t. She gets to the house where he’s being held just as it’s bombed and everything her life might be without Michael crosses her face–fear, rage, hopelessness–until she hears a door open inside the smoke and he steps out of it, very much alive, and all of that falls away and she just launches herself at him.

I loved that he was the damsel in distress but I hope that’s not an ongoing theme that they’ll have to keep finding and saving each other. Together with Birkhoff, Michael and Nikita have made a new family. I like the dynamic that all three are sort of orphaned (the boys rather suddenly and recently) and that Michael and Nikita are finding their way when so much of how they knew each other before was predicated on the secrets and lies that were part of belonging to Division. I know they’re not likely to stay together for long (unless this show awesomely breaks that mold), and y’all know how I feel about love geometry, but I’ll take it for as long as it lasts.

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