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Reality Fix: Who Will Make it to Fashion Week on Project Runway? 

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I am really enjoying Project Runway this season. I’ve liked (most of) the designers, (most of) the celebrity judges, and (most of) the weekly winners. The only thing I’m not enjoying is the slightly longer running time. I’m sorry but I have to fast forward through those scenes when the designers are in the lounge talking. I don’t reallly care what they have to say unless it’s in the work room, sewing room, or while they’re on stage either defending or explaining their designs. But I’m always much more about the work and the finished product than I am about the drama. That’s just how I am. Let’s talk about who’s still in the competition and the likelihood of them making it to New York Fashion Week.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

I am so happy Bert is no longer a villain. He had no one but himself to blame for being cast in that role – he was so horrible to everyone at the beginning of the season. Yes, Bert we know you’re smart. Yes, Bert you know you lived through that era. Yes, Bert we know. I like that he’s taken some risks lately – some have paid off and some have bombed. I also like that he’s mended bridges with everyone he burned them with earlier. I don’t love his aesthetic but he does make for some pretty good television.

Verdict: I’d be shocked if he makes it to fashion week.

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I had to pick this photos because I think that shirt personifies exactly who Joshua is. He’s usually too over-the-top for me but I think there’s a place for his (loud) point-of-view in the fashion world. Maybe it’s designing for gay men and “adventurous” women. Whatever his place, I have enjoyed some of his designs.

Verdict: I think he’ll be elimanated soon.

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I’m still constantly surprised by Anya. I think the fact that she’s only been sewing six months is astounding. I love her personal style and I’ve loved almost everything she’s presented to the judges. Her aesthetic is interesting – although wildly different than mine. I think I’d be a more adventurous (in a good way) dresser if her designers were out in the world. I love that she lets other designers use her fabrics if she decides not too. I like her vibe.

Verict: She’ll make it to Fashion Week.

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I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with him. I think he’s a pretty good designer but I also think he’s got a pretty bad attitude. I understand this is a competition, but he gets downright competitive and even underhanded about it. Even though I’m not really a fan, I think he’s got the goods and knows what he’s doing.

Verdict: He’ll be at Fashion Week.

Kimberly has proven more than once that’s she can be a survivor in this competition. Yes, she can make a mean pair of pants but I would like to see her step outside her comfort zone a little more. I don’t think we’ve seen everything she’s capable of so if she wants to make it to Fashion Week she’s better step it up.

Verdict: It’s unlikely that she’ll make it to Fashion Week.

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I had no idea Nina Garcia had questions about Laura’s taste level before last week. I mean, what she presented in “Sew 70s” wasn’t good but I feel like I’ve liked almost all of her other designs. Or if I haven’t like them, I haven’t hated them. I’m a little surprised this southern belle has made it this far in the competition. If it was up to me to send someone home last week it would’ve been Laura, not Anthony Ryan.

Verdict: She’s be Auf’ed soon.

Wow. I just now realrealized I’ve only put two designers through to Fashion Week. Hmmm. If I was a betting woman I think I’d put my money on Kimberly with the true wild card being Bert. I look forward to seeing how it all shakes out.

Who do you think will make it to Fashion Week? Who do you think has overstayed their welcome? Who do you think can win it all?

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9/8 c.

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