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Rewind and Repeat: The Dean is really Lucifer Scene, Supernatural “Hello, Cruel World” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Every once in a while there’s a scene or a moment or a line that bears immediate re-watching. It’s usually because of the way the actor amazingly plays said scene, moment or line. Pretty soon, I’ve hit rewind several times in a row because I can’t get enough of it — and I haven’t even finished watching the entire episode yet. Days later, I’m still re-watching it, so it’s fair to say I’ve hit the obsession mode because it was that good. It’s not necessarily my Moment of Goodness from any given episode of television; it’s usually some smaller gem of an occurrence that deserves the spotlight as well. This happened in the latest Supernatural, “Hello, Cruel World.” It was quick, but pretty delicious nevertheless.

Lucifer (looking like Dean) has lured Sam to a warehouse under the guise of hunting down the pesky Leviathans. He’s also saying some really harsh things to Sammy about being out of control. Sam thinks he’s entering an office building but in reality it’s an abandoned warehouse. “Dean” lets Sam know he’s wrong — this isn’t an office building. He also clues Sam in on something else:

“Oh, you think I’m Dean? Riiiight.”

“Dean” has this seriously smug look on his face. And then all of a sudden he morphs into Lucifer. It’s such a well done moment on all levels. It was great seeing Jensen Ackles briefly play bad; he had this extra special sparkle in his eyes. It was fun witnessing him not be Dean for a second. It happened again a little later when the real Winchester hunter walked in and LuciferDean utters another fun line:

“Oh look, another me.”

It made me wish we’d get to see Dean play the big bad in an episode again. Not an extended arc, mind you, because I love me some hero Dean Winchester something fierce. But, part of me wishes he didn’t have that anti-possession tattoo on his chest because I’d love to see a possessed Dean before this series ends. I still dig the job Jensen did in “Skin,” when a shapeshifter took his form; oh and then there was that time Dean talked to his demon self in “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” Plus, Ackles did a great job playing the serial killing transgenic, Ben, on a Season 1 episode of Dark Angel.

We’re used to Jared Padalecki getting to tap into his dark side so awesomely as Sam Winchester. It’d be fun to see Jensen get to do it again too but on a bigger scale. Once in a while, I wouldn’t mind seeing this handsome devil be the villain. Because we all know, Jensen would rise to the occasion in a big (and bad) way.

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