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Fall TV Preview: 3 Things You Might Like (or Hate) About American Horror Story 

Warning: Slight spoilers discussed.

You may have heard some things about this show. I’ll tell you now that watching the pilot was a truly strange experience, and not necessarily in a good way. You’ve never seen Connie Britton like this and considering how much I loved her as Tammy Taylor, it was a major shock. To me this feels much more like a sexual fetish show than a horror story but I’m determined to hold on for to this rollercoaster ride for at least a few more episodes. I think people will either love or hate American Horror Story. For now I’m coming down on the side of loathe but there is a chance I’ll change my mind. I’m intrigued enough to keep watching it for another week or two.

A few reasons I’ll be back: 

1. Jessica Lange. There’s a reason she’s a legend and that talent is on display here. I do have a problem with how much she invades her neighbors house but I guess the writer’s needed to find some way to get her into that house and those scenes. Her relationship with her daughter is strange, but ultimately very interesting. You’ll see what I mean. I love what she says to Frances Conroy‘s Moira. So intriguing

2. Dylan McDermott‘s amazing and often naked body. I haven’t seen this much of an actor on cable ever. In fact, many of the adult themes do make me think this show is better suited for pay cable. Having said that, a naked Dylan McDermott isn’t necessary bad…until you see what he’s doing.

3. The ghost story. I think I might be more prone to like this if it was a more prototypical horror story. But I can’t say Ryan Murphy or Brad Falchuck do anything expected. There are some things I don’t understand that I hope get explained quickly and there are other things that happen that I’d prefer not to understand. I am interested to learn more about the history of the house and what it’s made people do.

Although I can’t give it an endorsement (ringing or otherwise), I think there might be something here for adventurous viewers. Might be. I don’t know if I’m brave enough for this ride yet. Only time will tell.

American Horror Story premieres Wednesday, October 5th at 10/9 c.

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