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We Need to Know: How Did Finch Become Disabled on Person of Interest? 

Photo Credit: CBS

I thought I had read or heard that Michael Emerson‘s Finch was disabled during the September 11th terrorist attacks. But in “Ghosts” we see flashbacks as far as 2007 and he’s still got his full range of motion. So, for me, that just adds another layer of mystery and intrigue to Finch. Although we learned a little bit more about Finch (and his previous partner) in this episode, I find myself coming away with even more questions. And I like that he’s so cautious, even with his partner Reese. So, it’s not a question I need an immediate answer to – in fact, it might become even more interesting the longer we have to wait – but how did Finch become disabled? And when?

What do we even know about Finch? He created the machine after the terrorist attacks in 2001 but told his partner Brett Cullen‘s Ingram – the face of the operation at the time – that the computer would need at least four or five more years to sift through the information it was gathering and that was just for New York. Finch had to teach the computer what to look for because it couldn’t recognize malicious intent in any patterns on its own. In doing that, Finch realized there was no way to separate out people who were also terrorists from just run-of-the-mill creeps. So he devised a way for the system to expunge all the information that wasn’t relevant to national security. And even though that was something Finch could live with at the time, the same couldn’t be said for Ingram. Did Ingram’s inability to live with what they were doing lead to his death in 2010? Was Finch somehow involved? Like I said, I have more questions than answers. And I’m just fine with that.

Additionally, I loved seeing Finch out in the field this week. He was very convincing as an insurance agent and asked great questions when he was with Elizabeth Whitaker. I also like that he tried to protect Theresa at the hotel. I wouldn’t mind seeing him out in the field a bit more. I also like that Reese figured out a little bit about Finch. He tracked Finch down at his place of business, which he clearly didn’t like. It didn’t take long for Finch to find a reason to be promoted or transferred out of that place. So interesting.

Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8 c on CBS.

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