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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “The End of the Affair” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Episode: “The End of the Affair”

Writer: Caroline Dries

  • “You’re interrupting my drink.”
  • “Katherine. Where are you?” “Lurking outside your window. Pining away.”
  • “What have I missed?” “Well, Stefan’s still Klaus’ little prisoner and Elena still thinks she can save him and no one’s thought about you since you left.”
  • “Is that what you’re doing? Looking out for my brother?” “Maybe. Maybe not. I’m conflicted.”
  • “What is this?” “I told you, Stefan. Chicago is a magical place.
  • “Rise and shine, sleepyhead.”
  • “You know you were dreaming about me. Explains the drool.”
  • “He’s in Chicago? How do you know?” “Came to me in a dream. I was naked. You would have loved it. Start packing”
  • “Is he okay? Well, let’s just say he’s not there to meet Oprah. Ooh…put these in the “yes” pile.”
  • “It’s an antique, Damon. Like you.”
  • “I’m shocked! Stefan’s not a virgin?” “Eyes on the road, grandma.”
  • “You gotta be kidding me.” “So. A hybrid walks into a bar and says to the…” “Stop. You may be invincible but that doesn’t make you funny.”
Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW
  • “Stefan could live anywhere in Chicago and he chose this?” “There used to be an all-girls high school around the corner but it shut down for attendance issues. Weird.”
  • “Here we are. Stefan’s second personality home.”
  • “Stefan was a cocky ripper douche, but I could avoid him and still indulge in a few Daisy Buchanans of my own.”
  • “So this is the famous Stefan Salvatore I’ve been hearing so much about. You’re right. He does have funny hair.”
  • “And where’s the rest of your family?” “Well, let’s see. Um…I killed most of them.”
  • “I was your number one fan.”
  • “Gloria, damn! If I knew you were going to age like this, I would have stuck around.” “I always did like you better.”
  • “I don’t think so. You may be cute but you’re still a vampire.”
  • “Look what I found. 1918. Single malt.” “My favorite.” “Let’s go and find someone to pair it with.”
  • “I told you that I was practically discovered by Klaus and you’re worried about what I’m wearing?” “I had an hour to realize what a bad idea it was to leave you here alone, process it and move on.”
  • “Get dressed. You’re all road trippy and gross.”
  • “So confused. If we were such great friends, why do I only know you as the Hybrid dick that sacrificed my girlfriend on an altar fire.”
Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW
  • “I’m sorry but the fun has to end here.” “What are you talking about?” “You must forget Rebecca and me until I say otherwise. You never knew us, Stefan. Thank you. I’d forgotten what it was like to have a brother.”
  • “You kill Andie one day, you save my life the next. What are you? Good? Bad? Pick one.”
  • “She’s not going anywhere until she’s got you checked into vampire rehab and on the end, trust me. I’ve tried.”
  • “Tell Elena to go home and forget about me.” “Tell her yourself.”
  • “I see they’ve opened the doors to the riff-raff, now.” “Oh, honey, I’ve been called worse.”
  • “Clearly you want to die otherwise you wouldn’t be here.” “What can I say? I’m a thrill-seeker.”
  • “You want a partner in crime? Then forget Stefan. I’m so much more fun!”
  • “I can’t give up on you, Stefan.” “Yes, you can. It’s done. That part of my life is done. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to be with you. I just want you to go.”
  • “Mom? Thanks for believing in me.”
  • “Would now be a bad time to give you crap about sneaking out on me?”
  • “Rebecca! It’s your big brother! Come out, come out wherever you are!”
  • “Where are you?” “Why, do you want to come rub sunscreen on my back?”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7C on The CW.

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