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Fall TV Crush: Suburgatory’s Jeremy Sisto and Alan Tudyk 

Photo Credit: ABC

Warning: Slight spoilers discussed.

We saw the pilot a few weeks ago at the Paley Center’s Fall TV preview night and it brought the house down. We’re not trying to over-hype or oversell it, but we hope you’ll tune in to this delightfully funny family sitcom. When single father George Altman determines the big city isn’t good for his daughter (there may or may not have been an incident involving found birth control), he retreats to the suburbs where he thinks everything is clean and pure. But 16 year-old Tessa may be in more danger in the suburbs. Hilarity ensues as she meets her new neighbors and classmates. In the meantime, George will have to defend himself against the moms on the block who find him adorable and oh-so-conveniently single.

Photo Credit: ABC

Actor: Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under and Law & Order
Suburgatory Character: Single dad and designer George Altman
Suburgatory Assessment: He just wants to do the right thing by his teenage daughter and he genuinely thinks the suburbs will be good for her. Tessa gets her bite from him, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s adorable – in the best possible way.
The Crush Factor: We first met him as Elton in Clueless and fell in love with him in Six Feet Under despite the fact he played the oh so twisted Billy, Brenda’s crazy brother. There’s something about the combination of his height, facial hair, and general attractiveness that just makes him so damn hot. He plays quirky really well and always keeps us guessing. In fact, seeing him as a dad is new to us, but he couldn’t be more adorably sexy in the role.

Photo Credit: ABC


Actor: Alan Tudyk of Firefly and V
Suburgatory Character: Noah Werner, college friend and neighbor of George
Suburgatory Assessment: George’s entree into the exclusive country club, Noah helps George and Tessa fit in to their new neighborhood. Something we do know about Noah is that he’s big on tanning and wearing Speedos. The man is orange. No lie. Can’t wait to learn more about Tudyk’s suburbanite character.
The Crush Factor: We know and love Alan from Firefly (and Serenity) and were delighted when he made a surprise (to us, at least) appearance in the last Transformers movie as a kind of assistant/assassin. Whether he’s got a fun accent, ripped body, preppy attitude or is playing a hardcore villain, we love him. There’s something unexpectedly sexy about the hilarious Alan Tudyk that we just can’t resist.

Suburgatory airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30C.

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