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Fall TV Crush: The Boys of Hawaii Five-0 

Photo Credit: Kevin Lynch/CBS

Season Two of Hawaii Five-0 kicked off last Monday and continued last night with a boatload of pretty, and rugged, and nerdy, and handsome, and a little bit of something for everyone for a smorgasbord of hot. You can seriously have a lovely little helping of any type of boy that suits your fancy. Where to start?

The Regulars

Alex O’Loughlin

Photo Credit: CBS

Y’all already know that I’m unreasonably fond of AOL. The season premiere had McGarrett bumped and bruised and stabbed and shirtless, oh, my. We also got to see him step back on his swagger when the closest thing to a dad walked into prison to help him. Last night, he did the Indiana Jones on a horse thing. Seriously.

Daniel Dae Kim

Photo Credit: CBS

I’m fairly certain that several audience members were catatonic at the first glimpse of Kelly in his dress blues. You weren’t alone, there. Hum-i-na. I loved the in-joke of him working alongside Terry O’Quinn.

Scott Caan

Photo Credit: CBS

Pissed off? Check. Torn up about his still-ex-wife? Check. Committed to helping McGarrett at all costs? Check. We got a little sass and sentimentality in the premiere with the revelation that Danny is in fact not the father of ex-wife Rachel’s baby, and to add insult, she’s coming back to Hawaii to try to restart her marriage. Then last night he and McGarrett agreed their new HomeSec babysitter is a cute girl (P.S. Run, honey.)

Masi Oka

Photo Credit: CBS

Who doesn’t love a doctor? I did laugh out loud at the notion that he got an unconsious McGarrett from the kitchen to the couch. P.S. Yay that he’s now a regular!

The Guest-ers

Photo Credit: CBS

Terry O’Quinn

I know y’all love him for Lost but for me, he will always be Kate Moseley’s dad. I love that he just fit right in with everybody and jumped into the fray, and that he seems to have the secret formula for making McGarrett buckle down.

Taylor Willy

We love us some Kamekona. He’s a sweet-natured badass with a stash of guns and scary compadres who always comes through for 5-0 and can still play a mean game of cards with Grace.

Richard T. Jones

Richard T. Jones

The new governor is all sorts of hot, and he’s got no problem putting McGarrett in his place and assigning a Homeland Officer to do oversight for the 5-0 team. Most folks will recognize Jones from his run on Judging Amy.

Mark Dacascos

Photo Credit: CBS

I really wish they’d let Dacascos just go off as Wo Fat. I’ve adored him since he did The Crow series years ago, but he also has fans from his reality stints on Iron Chef and Dancing with the Stars.  I look forward to his eventual throwdown with McGarrett.

James Marsters

James Marsters

Marsters wrapped his arc as bad biy Victor Hesse at the end of the S2 premiere, but he was a welcome addition as he gleefully spun McGarrett up.

Hawaii Five-0 is back on CBS with new episodes every Monday at 10/9C and you can watch the first two season’s episodes at

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