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Fall TV Crush: The Guys of The CW’s Hart of Dixie 

Photo Credit: The CW

Warning: Slight spoilers discussed.

We don’t know about you but we’ve been eagerly anticipating Summer, oh we mean Rachel Bilson‘s return to television. In Hart of Dixie, New Yorker Zoe Hart finds her hard-charging ways as a cardio-thoracic surgeon strangely out of synch. When the internship she was counting on falls through Zoe finds herself accepting a job offer in Bluebell, Alabama. To say Zoe finds herself in foreign terrority is a vast understatement. But as she meets the residents of this town and starts to learn their traditions, it’s possible Zoe will find her place here – at least for now. It doesn’t hurt that some of Bluebell’s residents are very hot men.

Photo Credit: The CW

Actor: Cress Williams of Grey’s Anatomy and Friday Night Lights
Hart of Dixie Character: Former football star and current mayor Levon Hayes
Hart of Dixie Assessment: We’ve never seen Cress Williams this confident and this sexy. He’s got a bit of a mysterious past with Lemon and one of the most interesting pets we’ve seen in a long time, who he’s named Burt Reynolds.
The Crush Factor: Cress was one of our favorite parts of the Hart of Dixie pilot. He has been on countless TV shows over the years. From Beverly Hills 90210 to Friday Night Lights, We have loved the characters that he’s played (Scooter on Living Single) — and loathed them (FNL’s Ornette Howard). But he’s always remained immensely watchable. Plus, he’s tall, handsome and has one of the best smiles in the biz.

Photo Credit: The CW

Actor: Wilson Bethel of The Young and the Restless and Generation Kill.
Hart of Dixie Character: Bad boy Wade Kinsella lives down the road from Zoe on a plantation owned by Levon Hayes.
Hart of Dixie Assessment: We can’t really blame Zoe for being both repelled and attracted to Wade. Although it might seem like he’s up to no good, we’re gonna take a wait-and-see approach with him.
The Crush Factor: Wilson Bethel has that flirty, mischievous, bad boy thing down pat. Bad boys are hot. So, it’s fair to say, the girls will love him. We’re looking forward to finding out more about Wade as the series continues. What do we know? Let’s just say he’s not one to be shy with his affection. He definitely helps crank the heat up in Bluebell, Alabama.

Photo Credit: The CW

Actor: Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights and The Good Wife.
Hart of Dixie Character: Boy next door George Tucker. He went to law school in New York and knows what attractions it holds for Zoe. That may be one of the reasons they get along so well.
Hart of Dixie Assessment: He just oozes charm and maybe it’s those southern manners that start to crack Zoe’s tough New York veneer. Or it might be that he saves Zoe from an alligator. Did we mention he’s engaged?
The Crush Factor: While everyone was going gaga over Taylor Kitsch and his bad boy character, Tim Riggins, on Friday Night Lights (and rightly so, the man is gorgeous); we had a soft spot in our hearts for Scott Porter and his character, good guy, Jason Street. But then Porter knocked us for a loop (in a good way) when post-FNL, he signed on to CBS’ The Good Wife and played this sleazy, do-whatever-it-takes investigator who was a heated rival to Kalinda. Their relationship was volatile, toxic and more than just a little bit hot. It seems like he’s done with the dark side — for now — as he plays the best catch in town on HoD. He already sparks some good chemistry with Bilson. We don’t blame her. We don’t blame Jaime King’s character for wanting to make this guy her husband either. He’s nine kinds of adorable, very sexy, and is just extremely likable.

Hart of Dixie airs Mondays at 8/7C on the CW.

All photos courtesy of The CW

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